German For Dummies, Enhanced Edition, 2nd Edition

German For Dummies, Enhanced Edition, 2nd Edition

by Paulina Christensen, Anne Fox, Wendy Foster

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In German For Dummies, the experts at Bertliz - the most recognizable brand in language instruction worldwide - join forces with the Dummies series to teach the essentials of German for use in travel and personal enrichment. This guide takes the fear and intimidation out of learning another language with sidebars filled with cultural facts, "Fun & Games," practice exercises, popular slang terms, and much more. The 60 minute audio CD lets you hear the language as it is spoken by native speakers, and perfect your German accent. A complete review of grammar, verb, and pronunciation basics gives you all the tools you'll need to being speaking, reading, and understanding German.

About the Authors:

Berlitz has taught languages to millions of people for over 120 years. Paulina Christensen, Ph.D., and Ann Fox are veteran language teachers and Bertliz authors.

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ISBN-13: 9781118258798
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/03/2012
Series: For Dummies Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 700,002
File size: 137 MB
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About the Author

Berlitz(r) has taught languages to millions of people for over 120 years. Paulina Christensen, Ph.D., and Anne Fox are veteran language teachers and Berlitz(r) authors. Updated to the latest German spelling and usage standards by our German publishing partner, MITP-Verlag.

Table of Contents

About This Book1
Conventions Used in This Book2
Foolish Assumptions3
How This Book Is Organized3
Icons Used in This Book4
Where to Go from Here5
Part IGetting Started7
Chapter 1You Already Know a Little German9
The German You Know9
Friendly allies (perfect cognates)9
Kissing cousins (near cognates)11
False friends12
Lenders and borrowers14
Using Popular Expressions16
Mouthing Off: Basic Pronunciation17
Dealing with stress in German17
Learning the German alphabet17
Pronouncing vowels18
Pronouncing umlauts19
Pronouncing diphthongs19
Pronouncing consonants20
Learning a new letter: [beta]21
Pronouncing combinations of consonants22
Chapter 2The Nitty Gritty: Basic German Grammar25
Types of Words26
Simple Sentence Construction28
Arranging words in the right order29
Putting the verb in second place29
Pushing the verb to the end30
Forming questions30
The Tenses: Past, Present, and Future31
Looking at the present31
Talking about the past: using the perfect tense32
Writing about the past: using simple past tense34
Talking about the future34
Putting the Language in the Right Case35
Nominative case36
Accusative case36
Dative case36
Genitive case36
Why all these cases matter36
Chapter 3Guten Tag! Hallo! Greetings and Introductions43
Getting Formal or Informal43
Discovering Common Greetings and Salutations44
Asking "How are you?"44
Replying to "How are you?"46
Introducing Yourself and Your Friends48
Introducing your friends48
Introductions for special occasions49
Introducing yourself51
Talking about Cities, Countries, and Nationalities52
Telling people where you come from52
Sein: the being verb53
Asking people where they come from54
Kommen: to come55
Learning about nationalities56
What languages do you speak?57
Saying Good-Bye58
Part IIGerman in Action63
Chapter 4Getting to Know You: Making Small Talk65
Talking about Yourself65
Describing your work65
Giving somebody your address and phone number67
Nouns and their articles69
Possessive pronouns71
Talking about Your Family72
Talking about the Weather75
What's it like out there?75
Talking about the temperature76
Casting your vote on the day's weather77
Chapter 5Guten Appetit! Dining Out and Going to the Market81
Is It Time to Eat Yet?81
All about Meals83
Getting Set for the Table83
Going Out to a Restaurant84
Distinguishing places to eat84
Making reservations85
Arriving and being seated88
Deciphering the menu89
Placing your order92
Using the conjunctive93
Using modals94
Ordering something special95
Replying to "How did you like the food?"96
Getting the check96
Shopping for Food98
Finding what you need99
Measurements and weights101
Chapter 6Shopping Made Easy105
Places to Shop the Town105
Finding Out about Opening Hours106
Getting around the Store106
Asking Nicely107
Saying please108
Saying excuse me108
Browsing with Style108
Getting Assistance109
Shopping for Clothes110
Color me German111
Knowing your size112
Trying it on113
Paying the Bill115
Comparatively Speaking117
Chapter 7Going Out on the Town119
Telling Time119
Asking for the time120
Telling time the "old-fashioned" way: From 1 to 12120
Using the 24-hour routine: 0 to 24121
Times of the day122
Days of the week122
What Would You Like to Do?124
Going to the Movies124
Getting to the show125
Purchasing tickets126
What Was That? The Simple Past Tense of Sein128
Going to the Museum129
Talking about Action in the Past131
Forming the past participle131
Using haben in the perfect tense133
Using sein in the perfect tense134
Bringing Down the House135
How Was It? Talking about Entertainment137
Asking your opinion137
Telling people what you think137
Going to a Party139
Getting an invitation139
Talking about a party140
Chapter 8Recreation and the Outdoors143
Talking about Hobbies and Interests143
Telling people about your hobby144
Getting Reflexive144
Accusing your pronouns145
Some common reflexive verbs146
Playing Sports148
Playing around with the verb spielen148
With some sports, it's the verb149
Inviting someone to play149
Exploring the Outdoors151
Getting out and going151
Things to see along the way151
Going to the mountains153
Going to the country155
Going to the sea156
Chapter 9Talking on the Phone and Sending Mail159
Phoning Made Simple159
Asking for your party160
Making the connection161
Making Appointments163
Leaving Messages165
A Few Words about Dative Pronouns165
Sending a Letter, Fax, or E-Mail167
Sending a letter or postcard167
Sending a fax169
Sending an e-mail169
Chapter 10At the Office and Around the House173
Renting an Apartment or House173
Describing what you want173
Deciphering newspaper ads174
Asking the right questions175
Talking about an apartment176
Sealing the deal176
Getting Around at the Office178
Mastering your desk and supplies179
Elsewhere in the office...180
Commanding the Command Form181
Speaking of This183
Part IIIGerman on the Go185
Chapter 11Money, Money, Money187
Changing Currency187
Heading to the ATM190
Getting Imperative191
Knowing the Various Currencies192
Chapter 12Asking for Directions197
Asking for Help with Directions197
How Far Is It?199
Going Here and There200
Asking "How Do I Get There?"201
Using "in"201
Using "nach"202
Using "zu"203
Describing a Position or Location203
Going Right, Left, North, South, East, and West206
Left and right206
The cardinal points207
Getting on the Move207
The First, Second, Third, and So On208
Traveling by Car or Another Vehicle212
Chapter 13Staying at a Hotel215
Finding a Hotel215
Reserving Rooms216
Saying when and how long you want to stay217
Specifying the kind of room you want217
Asking about the price218
Finalizing the reservation219
Checking In: Names, Addresses, and Room Numbers220
How long are you staying?221
Filling out the registration form221
Understanding the key game222
Asking about amenities and facilities223
Checking Out and Paying the Bill226
Asking for your bill226
Asking about special charges227
Parting shots at the hotel227
Chapter 14Getting Around: Planes, Trains, Taxis, and Buses231
At the Airport231
Picking up your ticket232
Checking in232
Going through immigration235
Going through customs236
Traveling in a Car237
Renting a car237
Reading maps and road signs240
At the Train Station241
Reading train schedules242
Getting information242
Buying tickets243
Knowing When to Separate Your Verbs245
Navigating Buses, Subways, and Taxis246
Catching the bus246
Getting a taxi249
Chapter 15Planning a Trip251
Getting Help from a Travel Agency251
Planning Ahead: Using the Future Tense254
Using the Calendar and Dates255
Learning the units of the calendar255
The basic names of the months256
Describing events in specific months256
Naming specific times in the months256
Dealing with Passports and Visas259
Your passport259
Inquiring about visas260
Chapter 16Handling Emergencies265
Asking for Help with Accidents and Emergencies265
Shouting for help265
Reporting a problem266
Asking for English-speaking help266
Going to the Doctor or Hospital267
Describing what ails you268
Announcing any special conditions269
Getting an examination269
Specifying parts of the body270
Getting the diagnosis271
Getting treatment273
Talking to the Police275
Describing what was stolen276
Answering questions from the police277
Protecting your rights abroad278
Part IVThe Part of Tens281
Chapter 17Ten Ways to Pick Up German Quickly283
Looking Things Up in the Dictionary283
Compiling Lists of Words that Go Together283
Writing Shopping Lists284
Celebrating German Day!284
Using Language Tapes and CDs284
Listening to German Radio and Watching German Television284
Trying a CD-ROM285
Watching German Movies285
Reading German Publications285
Surfing the Net285
Chapter 18Ten Things Never to Say287
Knowing When to Use the Formal or Informal287
Addressing Service People Correctly287
Hot or Cold?288
I'm Not Loaded288
Speaking of the Law with Respect288
The Gymnasium Is for School, Not Sports288
Knowing the Appropriate Form of Know289

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