Get On Board Poetry

Get On Board Poetry

by G J Richards


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Although we have various cultures, everyone - unless there are extenuating medical problems - breathe the same air, grow hair, seek shelter, eat food, use the toilet, bleed when cut, have varied abilities to learn, and have a yearning to acknowledge a higher power. This book offers hope for individuals with family problems, abuse, feeling hopeless, addicted, and full of excuses. As humans, we have an inner often untapped instinct for survival, yet oftentimes individuals give up so easily being convinced that it's all about them and their happiness without truly discovering that true happiness encapsulates purpose. Sometimes, for one reason or another - many do things they're not proud of. Listen to your conscience...your heart...your soul and acknowledge that you are too finely/intricately made to the point that you did not just evolve from an ape; therefore, there has to be a higher power that we must one day answer to. Man was not able to formulate these earthly rules completely on their own; they had to have some divine intervention. Regardless, God loves you and forgives anyone that believes and asks. When reading these poems, read for clarity, understanding, and have an open heart and mind which God looks for and acknowledges. Yes, you are special!

I THANK GOD for all the church mothers that He has allowed me to be affiliated with throughout my life. I thank one in particular - J.M.M. - who had it not been for her obedience, consecration, fasting, and prayer in the absence of my mother - I might not have been able to do this book. May God forever bless and keep her.
G. J. Richards is a poet and a born again Christian. Most of these poems were written during the past ten years. Some of my college credentials are master degrees in both Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Teaching, and also a Doctor of Ministry Degree (D.Min). My dream is to help families. God wants families to come to Him and be healed

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Publication date: 11/30/2015
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