Glory of Byzantium: Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, A.D. 843-1261

Glory of Byzantium: Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, A.D. 843-1261


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Conceived as the sequel to the landmark exhibition 'Age of Spirituality, ' this book explores four interrelated themes: the religious and secular culture of the Second Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire; the empire's interaction with its Christian neighbors and rivals; its relations with the Islamic East; and its contact with the Latin West.

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ISBN-13: 9780870997778
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Publication date: 03/28/1997

Table of Contents

Statement by the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Christian Churchvii
Sponsors' Statementsviii
Director's Forewordxiii
Lenders to the Exhibitionxxii
Contributors to the Cataloguexxv
Map: Byzantium and Its Neighbors, A.D. 843-12612
Byzantine Society and Civilization4
Religious Organization and Church Architecture20
Catalogue numbers 1-4036
Catalogue numbers 41-6488
Popular Imagery112
Catalogue numbers 65-136118
Images of the Court182
Secular Architecture192
Catalogue numbers 137-147200
Luxury Objects218
Catalogue numbers 148-178224
Ceramic Arts of Everyday Life254
Catalogue numbers 179-192258
Christian Neighbors272
Kievan Rus'280
Catalogue numbers 193-219288
The Bulgarians320
Catalogue numbers 220-229326
The Georgians336
Catalogue numbers 230-237342
The Armenians350
Catalogue numbers 238-243356
Christians in the Islamic East364
Catalogue numbers 244-257372
Crusader Art388
Catalogue numbers 258-268392
Byzantium and the Islamic East402
Catalogue numbers 269-289412
Byzantine Art and the Latin West434
Catalogue numbers 290-344450
Notes to the Essays510

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