Go to the Principal's Office

Go to the Principal's Office

by Peter S. Sarno


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"Go to the Principal's Office!" That command has struck fear into school children for generations.

However, you'll find that going to the principal's office, when that principal was Mr. Sarno, had the opposite effect on children, teachers, parents and visitors, since his door, as well as his opinions, were always open to all. Come; take a peek inside, as master educator Peter S. Sarno shares his perspectives, experiences and views on public school education, children, teachers, parents, politics and our ever-changing world.

Travel with him back to the early days when he "graduated" from the role of elementary, junior high and high school teacher to the role of a new principal. Follow Sarno's personal and professional journey through prose, poetry, essays, text and art.

Discover how the scholastic and social needs of students are intertwined. Delve into the philosophical, religious and political factors that can significantly influence and affect students, teachers and administrators in public school education - and not always for the best.

Do the busy parents of today take the time to enjoy their children?

Have politicians disregarded their ethics and responsibilities?

Are there religious and spiritual leaders who have lost patience and fail to understand the complexities of modern family life?

Are teachers and administrators given the respect and decision making opportunities afforded other professionals?

Should mandatory state testing be the most important evaluation criteria of a student's progress in school?

Perhaps Peter S. Sarno was ahead of his time, for his book is timeless and addresses issues and offers solutions to important problems affecting public school education today.

In "Go to the Principal's Office," the author raises a flag of warning: Our children today are in need!

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Publication date: 10/28/2007
Pages: 236
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