God, Israel, and Shiloh: Returning to the Land

God, Israel, and Shiloh: Returning to the Land

by David Rubin


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"God, Israel, and Shiloh" is a gripping biblical and historical saga about the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. After reading this book, you will gain a new understanding of both the religious and political perspectives of the Jewish people who live in the Biblical heartland of Israel. Learn who the "settlers" are. Learn where and what is the "West Bank." Learn the truth about the people who are often referred to as "the chosen people" and how it is that Israel is a nation struggling with its destiny to be "a light unto the nations." "God, Israel, and Shiloh" is written with moving personal stories, psychological insights, and compelling political commentary. This book is about faith and struggle, Judaism and Zionism ¿ woven around the special sacred site of Shiloh, then and now. Shiloh was the home and spiritual center for many great biblical personalities, including Joshua, Hannah, and Samuel the Prophet, who appointed the first Kings of Israel, Saul and David. The author, David Rubin, writes about the heroic families living in and rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel, despite the obstacles in their path and tells his personal story of a miraculous survival from the bullets of terrorism.

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ISBN-13: 9780982906729
Publisher: Shiloh Israel Children''s Fund
Publication date: 03/28/2011
Pages: 188
Sales rank: 1,214,065
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Chapter 1 My Personal Journey To Shiloh 15

Chapter 2 From Slavery To The Land 29

Chapter 3 Dwelling In The Land 40

Chapter 4 From Kings To Exiles 62

Chapter 5 From Exiles To Zionism 73

Chapter 6 Returning To The Heartland 87

Chapter 7 Plans For Peace 108

Chapter 8 On God's Wings 123

Chapter 9 Speaking Out 139

Chapter 10 To The Future 154


Glossary 176

The Hebrew Calendar 180

Projects Of The Shiloh Israel Children's Fund 182

Credits 185

Acknowledgments 187

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