Golf Shots: How to Easily Hit a Wide Variety of Shots like Stingers, Flop Shots, Wet Sand Shots, and Many More for Better Scoring

Golf Shots: How to Easily Hit a Wide Variety of Shots like Stingers, Flop Shots, Wet Sand Shots, and Many More for Better Scoring

by Team Golfwell


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Why is this golf book different?

This book is for the average to intermediate golfer. You will learn how to easily do a variety of golf shots to score better and expand your shot making abilities. There are lots of other shots that will get you closer to the pin that most golfers are aware of.

You will learn a wide variety of shots for these playing situations:

•Shots Off the Tee

•Approach Shots

•Short Game Shots.

You'll learn simple techniques on how to hit:


•Driver off the Deck

•Drawing the Ball

•Power Fading the Ball and many more.

You'll learn fairway shots:

•Shots off undulating fairways

•Side Hill Shots

•Downhill Shots

•Uphill Shots

•Cut Shots

•Deliberately hooking and slicing shots, and many more.

You'll learn various short game shots:

•Bank Shots

•Flop Shots

•Drop Shots

•Fringe Shots, and many more.

Here's a preview:

"A Stinger is mainly used in windy conditions when you want the ball in the fairway. You simply play the ball further back in your stance - about one or two inches from where you normally tee it up.

You want the ball to fly on a low trajectory. So, play it back in your stance. Take an open stance with your left foot slightly turned out to help you make a shorter backswing.


"Choke down on your club and swing smoothly concentrating on making good contact.

"Use longer distance clubs from a 3 wood to a four iron. A high finish isn't necessary."

These aren't complicated shots. Imagine yourself having more ways to get the ball into the fairway or closer to the intended target, or closer to the pin by using a variety of different shots and scoring better than other golfers.

Imagine yourself as a golfer with more shots in your game.

You won't have to learn complicated new routines. The descriptions of more than 30 different golf shots are clear and to the point.

Put this book on your Phone or Tablet, or, put it in your bag, or take it to the range to practice the variety of golf shots featured in this book.

BONUS: Drills teaching you to learn these shots are included.

You will become a better and faster player with better scoring rounds.

SCROLL UP and check out the table of contents to see all the different shots you will learn, and begin your journey on having a wide variety of shots to use and score better!

Praises received:

"This book helped me score better, and it's easier now to get the ball from Point A to Point B. Leaned a lot! Love the jokes too!" - D. Higgins, Phoenix

"An excellent "How to Book". It's to the point and not complicated. And, entertaining! It makes the practice range more fun practicing these shots."-J. Dennis, San Diego

"Liked the drills, jokes, and quotes. I've now got these shots in my game. I play faster, my scoring has improved. Makes range practice interesting rather than busting shots with the driver. Thanks!" - S. Redmond, Naples, FL

"After reading about the various shots, I understand the whole game better now. I didn't notice the quiet subtleties of better scoring very well until I read this book giving me a wide variety of shots. They weren't hard." -F. Davis, Sarasota, FL

SCROLL UP and get this book now and begin your journey to having a wide variety of golf shots in your game and scoring better!

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