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The USGA and R & A adopted the most major changes to the Rules of Golf in more than 30 years and all went into effect January 1, 2019. This Booklet, "Golf’s New Rules” gives you a clear and quick description of the only the new rules along with a two-page Summary which will answer most new rule questions in seconds.

You don’t have to remember all the new changes if you keep this booklet in your bag or on your phone for fast answers to new rule questions. It will also help you answer many questions which players have about the major changes which have now come into effect.

Get this book and continue to enjoy the game! Happy golfing!


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ISBN-13: 9780473478742
Publisher: Pacific Trust Holdings Nz Ltd.
Publication date: 04/10/2019
Pages: 38
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About the Author

TeamGolfwell and Bruce Miller, B.A., J.D. are best selling authors. Their books have sold thousands of copies including several #1 bestsellers in Golf Coaching, Sports humor, and other categories. They live in New Zealand.

Table of Contents

Covers all of the areas where major golf rule changes have been made including new rules for embedded balls in rough, the new definition of "Club Length", Dropping from Knee Height, Determining the Drop Area, and all other areas the new rules have changed.

In particular, there are new rules on "Penalty Areas" which take the place of the old rules on water hazards such as ponds and lakes, and other areas of the course designated as “Penalty Areas”.

The new rules cover subjects like:

You Can Ground Your Club in a Penalty Area

No more Opposite Side Relief for Penalty Areas

Red and Yellow Penalty Areas

No Requirement to Announce You Are Going to Lift Your Ball

Estimating Where to Replace Your Ball

Substituting a new ball

New 3-Minute Search Time Limit for Lost Ball

Inadvertently Moving Your Ball While Searching for It

New Lost Ball and OB rules with new drop options.

The Table of Contents shows not only the new rules on embedded balls, but also:

Red and yellow penalty area rules

Other new penalty area rules

New club length definitions

Dropping from knee height

Code of conduct violation penalties,

New rules dealing with slow play

New OB and lost ball relief rules

New putting green rules such as putting with the pin in and others

New bunker rules and bunker relief rules

Numerous changes to increase the pace of play

Maximum score formats

Double or multiple hits on a stroke

Accidental touching

Tee area rules

New search time rules

Moving the ball when searching

Using damaged clubs

And all of the new changes which every golfer needs to be aware of to avoid embarrassment and to play better.

There are references throughout the book to the official rules established by the USGA and R & A.

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