Grand Times in Grand Rapids: Pieces of Furniture City History

Grand Times in Grand Rapids: Pieces of Furniture City History


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Join longtime journalist Gordon Beld on a historical tour of the Furniture City. Gleaned from the best of Beld's work for Grand Rapids Magazine, this collection weaves together intriguing vignettes highlighting the unique character of the Grand Rapids people and their community. Get a glimpse into the lives of famous leaders Gerald Ford and Arthur Vandenberg and marvel at Harry Human Fly" Gardiner, who scaled the buildings of downtown Grand Rapids. Take a nostalgic trip down to Reed's Lake, where the streetcars will drop you off at Ramona Gardens to dance the night away. Find the grand in Grand Rapids just don't get lost in Saddlebag Swamp on the way."

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ISBN-13: 9781609496296
Publisher: History Press, The
Publication date: 04/12/2012
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 1,159,354
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Retired Michigan reporter Gordon Beld continues to write for Grand Rapids Magazine. He has written for Grand Rapids Press, the Grand Rapids Herald and Michigan History Magazine. Beld is the author of A Gentle Breeze from Gossamer Wings" and "Grand Times in Grand Rapids: Pieces of Furniture City History."

Table of Contents

Foreword Tom Rademacher 9

Gratitude for Grand People 11

Pieces of Furniture City History

Reminders of Our First Residents 17

The Lady and the Sword 19

Persistent Paddlers 21

Our First Businesswoman 23

GR's Road Feud 25

When the Curtain Went Up 27

Like Father, Like Son 30

The Pride of Wyoming 32

A Place to Hang Your Hat 35

Road to the White House 37

From Defeat to Delight 39

Steamin' Along on the Grand 41

Bridging the Grand 43

Fighting the First Fires 46

Women Started It all 48

Winters of Yesterday 50

The Branded Hand 52

Keepers of the Peace 54

Saddlebag Swamp 56

Kissing Bridges 59

Our Women's Role in the Civil War 61

Saluting the Monitor's Commander 63

Been There, Done that? 66

Just Happy Memories Remain 68

A Lucky Lard Spill 70

When the Army Arrived 72

Gone but Not Forgotten 74

Frank Knox Delivered 76

GR's Other Congressman Ford 79

GR Goes to the Beach 80

The Wizard and Tamawaca 84

Newsman to Newsmaker 86

When the Roosevelt Women Visited 88

What a Wingding! 90

Christmas a Century Ago 93

Steaming Over the Lakes 95

Moving up the Hard Way 97

Grand Rapids up in the Air 99

A Plant that Bombed 101

A Close-Knit Group 103

Tower at City Center 105

From Celebration to Calamity 107

When Downtown Was the Place 109

Hatching Whirlybirds 112

Girls and Diamonds 114

GR's Circle-C Cowboys 117

Riding the Pere Marquette 119

Fishing Wasn't Great—Just Okay 121

Finding a Home for GVSU 123

A Refuge from Vietnam 126

Catastrophe at the Cape 129

Index 133

About the Author 141

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