Guide to the Stars: Northern Hemisphere, Latitudes 30' to 60' North

Guide to the Stars: Northern Hemisphere, Latitudes 30' to 60' North


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David H. Levy�s Guides to the Stars
A Jumbo 16-inch Diameter Star Chart

  • Designed Especially for Beginners & Novices!
  • Ideal for Individuals, Families and Teachers!
  • Large Format makes it easy to read!

The David H. Levy's Guides to the Stars is an easy and and practical star chart to help navigate the night sky. This convenient device will greatly aid beginners and novices in their celestial exploration. It is simple to use. The stars in your night sky appear in the large oval after rotating the plastic circles to your observing time and date. Then, start matching the brightest stars in the sky with the largest on the chart. You�ll be identifying constellation in minutes! Let �David H. Levy�s Guide to the Stars� take you to the stars and beyond. Included are 25 binocular objects to help you get started exploring the Universe. Great gift idea.

David H. Levy is one of the biggest names in astronomy. He has discovered 21 comets and written over 25 popular astronomy books. As the science editor for �Parade� magazine, he is responsible for bringing topical science to millions.

Over 22 innovations. No other Star Chart can compare!


  • 16-inch diameter makes it the easy to read. Over twice the area of others.
  • Can be used throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
  • Packed with astronomy facts and simple, clear instructions.
  • Black stars on a white background - the preferred color scheme recommended by amateur astronomers for finding stars.
  • Star positions are good for a lifetime.
  • MADE IN THE USA of 100% durable plastic. Ink cannot be scratched off.

Website support of happenings in the night sky (, historical timeline, information about the Moon, yearly meteor shower table, factual information on the planets, tour of the spring/winter constellations, binocular & telescope objects to observe, plus more!

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ISBN-13: 9781928771012
Publisher: Ken Press
Publication date: 08/28/2000
Pages: 2
Sales rank: 68,491
Product dimensions: 16.00(w) x 16.00(h) x 0.10(d)

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