Guiding Principles for Children

Guiding Principles for Children




This book is written with the belief that parents have the ability to parent their children, and that children have the ability to be parented. In the Philippines, there is a common phrase that states, "Kung gusto mo, may paraan; kung ayaw mo, may dahilan." Translated, this phrase means, "If you really want something, you will find a way to make it happen; if you don't really want something, you will find reasons for why it cannot happen." Parents who want to parent will be able to come up with creative and loving ways to be a parent if they really want to be a parent. If parents do not want to parent, they will come up with every excuse they can to not be a parent, and no book will be of assistance.
Every child is unique with his/her own personality. Every parent is unique with his/her own personality. This book was not written as a step-by-step or a how-to book because it must be flexible enough to benefit children and parents from every walk of life. Rather, this book focuses on principles that are universal to all families.
Parenting is a growth process. Being a child is a growth process. I hope that parents and children are not discouraged if they cannot perfect these principles overnight. I don't expect anyone to be able to do that. Perfection, for us mortals, is a life-long process. Personal growth is a difficult, but instantly rewarding road.
I encourage all parents and children to savor the growth and the triumph of developing self-mastery. Look toward obstacles with joy, because the experience of growing stronger is sweeter than the bitterness of digression. Progress and digression are like paddling a canoe in a fast-flowing river. A person can overcome the current and paddle up stream, each stroke making the canoeist stronger and paddling surer; or a person can sit back and let the current take them down the river. However a person cannot sit still on the "river of life." Enjoy the journey.

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Eric Johnson is the proud husband of a wonderful lady and a father of three precious children. Eric is an outstanding author and clinician! His writings are very easy to understand and utilize. Eric is an author who spends the majority of his time being a clinician. He currently works with families of children who have severe problems. These problems include, but are not limited to: depression, suicide attempts, multiple incidences of assault, attempted murder, arson, physical abuse, sexual abuse, lying, stealing, and manipulative behavior. The principles in this book and others have assisted families in achieving much needed success.

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