Hair [Original Broadway Cast Recording / Deluxe Collector's Edition]

Hair [Original Broadway Cast Recording / Deluxe Collector's Edition]

by Original Broadway Cast

CD(Remastered / Bonus Tracks / Special Edition / Digi-Pak)

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When the Broadway cast recording of Hair was re-released on compact disc back in 1988, the producers took advantage of the longer playing time and added as much bonus material as they had from the original recordings of 1968, presenting a better picture of the entire show. The 1988 version needed a remastering 15 years later, but the producers wanted to add something more and came up with this "Broadway Deluxe Collector's Edition," adding both the original off-Broadway cast recording (which had been out of print since the '60s and never available on compact disc) and excerpts from a 2003 interview with Galt MacDermot, who composed the music. Hair was a brilliant, groundbreaking work, but it was also an ever-evolving piece as actors came and left, lyrics were changed, and songs were resequenced and reassigned to different characters. The off-Broadway recording offers a look at where the musical started, and some of the changes that occurred. Some of the more noticeable differences are the order in which the songs themselves appear, and the disarming way the off-Broadway version of Claude sings "Manchester, England" with an English accent! The band also went from just a four-piece off-Broadway to a nine-piece for the Broadway cast (featuring the great Idris Muhammad on drums), and the arrangements change accordingly. The liner notes include a wonderful description of the Broadway staging from Lorrie Davis, one of the cast members. All in all, this is a fabulous presentation of one of the finest Broadway musicals ever, and the remastered sound is fantastic. Those who are still enjoying the original cast recording of Hair owe it to themselves to check out this truly deluxe edition.

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Release Date: 11/04/2003
Label: Rca Victor Broadway
UPC: 0828765608527
catalogNumber: 56085
Rank: 9337


Disc 1

  1. Aquarius
  2. Donna
  3. Hashish
  4. Sodomy
  5. Colored Spade
  6. Manchester, England
  7. I'm Black
  8. Ain't Got No
  9. I Believe in Love
  10. Ain't Got No (Reprise)
  11. Air
  12. Initials
  13. I Got Life
  14. Going Down
  15. Hair
  16. My Conviction
  17. Easy to Be Hard
  18. Don't Put It Down
  19. Frank Mills
  20. Be-In
  21. Where Do I Go?
  22. Electric Blues
  23. Manchester England (Reprise)
  24. Black Boys
  25. White Boys
  26. Walking in Space
  27. Abie Baby
  28. Three-Five-Zero-Zero
  29. What a Piece of Work Is Man/Walking in Space (Reprise)
  30. Good Morning Starshine
  31. The Bed
  32. Let the Sunshine In

Disc 2

  1. Ain't Got No
  2. I Got Life
  3. Air
  4. Going Down
  5. Hair
  6. Dead End
  7. Frank Mills
  8. Hare Krishna
  9. Where Do I Go?
  10. Electric Blues
  11. Easy to Be Hard
  12. Manchester
  13. White Boys
  14. Black Boys
  15. Walking in Space
  16. Aquarius
  17. Good Morning Starshine
  18. Exanaplanetooch
  19. The Climax
  20. Opening
  21. Red Blue and White
  22. Sentimental Ending
  23. Interview With Galt MacDermot: How Did You Become Involved With ...
  24. Interview With Galt MacDermot: What Do You Remember About the ...
  25. Interview With Galt MacDermot: And the Broadway Cast Recording?
  26. Interview With Galt MacDermot: In the Recording Session Photos, ...
  27. Interview With Galt MacDermot: How Did the Two Productions Differ?
  28. Interview With Galt MacDermot: You Were Not a Traditional Theater ...
  29. Interview With Galt MacDermot: Did "Hair" Influence Your Later ...
  30. Interview With Galt MacDermot: "Hair" Was Controversial With ...
  31. Interview With Galt MacDermot: On Writing Music for the Theater, ...
  32. Interview With Galt MacDermot: Did You Ever Have to Rewrite Any of the
  33. Interview With Galt MacDermot: What Sort of Music Do You Write Now?
  34. Interview With Galt MacDermot: Do You Use Synthesizers?
  35. Interview With Galt MacDermot: Have You Got Any Advice for People ...
  36. Interview With Galt MacDermot: Does Any One Song in "Hair" Express ...

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Original Cast Recording   Primary Artist
Melba Moore   cast
Jimmy Lewis   Bass,Band
Paul Jabara   cast
Leata Galloway   cast
Galt MacDermot   Electric Piano,Band
Sally Eaton   cast
Warren Chiasson   Percussion
Steve Dean   cast
Steve Gillette   Guitar,Band
Walter Harris   cast
Idris Muhammad   Drums
Emmeretta Marks   cast
Eddie Williams   Trumpet
Donnie Burks   cast
Zane Paul   Reeds,Woodwind
Warren Burton   cast
Lorrie Davis   cast
Alan Fontaine   Guitar
Diane Keaton   cast
Hiram Keller   cast
Lynn Kellogg   cast
Donald Leight   Trumpet
Marjorie LiPari   cast
Natalie Mosco   cast
Suzannah Norstrand   cast
Shelley Plimpton   cast
James Rado   cast
Gerome Ragni   cast
Robert I. Rubinsky   cast
Lamont Washington   cast
Jill O'Hara   cast
Ronald Dyson   cast
Jonelle Allen   cast
Arnold Soboloff   cast
Marijane Maricle   cast
Gregory Ferreira   Band
Bob Johnson   cast
Susan Batson   cast
Thommie Bush   cast
Jane Levin   cast
Linda Compton   cast
Suzannah Evans   cast
Steve Garnet   cast
William Herter   cast
Edward Murphy   cast
Ed Crowley   cast
Walker Daniels   cast
Greg Ferrara   Band
Alma Robinson   cast
Leonard Seeds   Band
Arnold Wilkerson   cast
Jonathan Kramer   cast
Steve Curry   cast

Technical Credits

Galt MacDermot   Composer,Director
Didier C. Deutsch   Liner Notes
Mike Moran   Engineer
Ernie Oelrich   Engineer
Rick Rowe   Engineer
Andy Wiswell   Producer
George R. Marek   Engineer
James Rado   Composer
Gerome Ragni   Composer,Book
John Morris   Director
Tom O'Horgan   Director
Daniel Guss   Liner Notes
Bertrand Castelli   Executive Producer
Elenore Lester   Liner Notes
Joseph Papp   Producer
Robert Kiernan   Engineer
Gerald Freedman   Director

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