Haley's Cleaning Hints

Haley's Cleaning Hints

by Graham Haley, Rosemary Haley

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The authors of the bestselling Haley’s Hints tackle household grime, goo, and garbage.
In these pages are dozens of “Household Heroes” you already have in your own home. Ordinary household products and items that perform extraordinary cleaning tasks—ready to come to your rescue in time of need.
You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save by not having to buy those expensive cleaners, deodorizers and “wonder” products. Learn the inside scoop on the amazing multiple cleaning properties of your very own “Household Heroes,” like shaving cream, toothpaste, vinegar, mayonnaise, baking soda, salt, hand cleaner, pantyhose and many more.
Over 1,000 clever, inexpensive solutions help you clean, deodorize, unclutter and organize your home—from kitchen to bathroom, furniture to floors, windows to walls. Terrific tips on stain removal, laundry, space-saving, and even outdoor clean-up turn everyday chores into dirt-busting adventures.

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ISBN-13: 9781101220023
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/06/2004
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 918,226
File size: 4 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Graham Haley is a host and bestselling author best known for the money saving series Haley's Hints. In addition to his books, he also starred in his own television show, which was shown across four continents, and has appeared numerous times in newspapers, magazines, and radio. He lives with his wife, Rosemary, and their children in Toronto.

Rosemary Haley is one half of the duo behind the bestselling Haley's Hints series, which has been a trove of money saving household tips for over ten years. In addition to their book series, Rosemary and her husband Graham have been shared their secrets via numerous features in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, most notably the Haley's Hints television show, which is aired across four continents. She now lives in Toronto.

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Accordingly nothing in this book is intended as an express or implied warranty of the suitability or fitness of any product, service or design. The reader wishing to use a product, service or design discussed in this book should first consult a specialist or professional to ensure suitability and fitness for the reader’s particular lifestyle and environmental needs.

It’s really the satisfaction, you know…

Your boss’s wife just spilled her glass of Cabernet on your $200 tablecloth. You don’t think of the money. You just enjoy the look on her face…as you remove the stain in five seconds with a little ordinary borax and warm water!

You’ll probably save a hundred times what you paid for this book.

A 99¢ bottle of vinegar could replace the $20 you’d spend on a copper and brass cleaner, a chrome cleaner, a glass cleaner and a toilet cleaner. The savings don’t take too long to add up.

What fascinates us though, is the magic of it all. The look on your friends’ faces as your entire silverware collection turns gleaming in ten seconds, with water softener, foil and salt! You’re a hero…a household hero. But you’re not the only one…

These 250 pages introduce you to the Household Heroes in your home. Ordinary items, with more than a thousand cleaning and space-saving properties, ready to rescue you in your time of need!

Haley’s Cleaning Hints is our second book. Our first, Haley’s Hints, covered topics as diverse as cooking, plumbing, pest control, even car care. However, we noticed, 400,000 copies later, that our cleaning hints were the ones most in demand.

So we know Haley’s Cleaning Hints will become an invaluable reference source for you. But you’ll also have the satisfaction of having more friends now than ever. Once they know you own this book, they’ll be calling you for advice constantly!

Be kind. Share the wisdom. It’s really satisfying!

Graham and Rosemary

A Small Sample Of What Your
Can Do For You!




Cleans: Appliances; Bathtubs; Carpets; China; Counters; Drains; Floors; Grout; Laundry; Marble; Pots and Pans; Stains

Deodorizes: Appliances; Basements; Bathrooms; Books; Carpets; Kitchens; Laundry; Sneakers…and much more…





Cleans: Appliances; Bathtubs; Chrome; Carpets; Clothes; Crystal; Drains; Faucets; Furniture; Garbage Disposers; Humidifiers; Kettles; Laundry; Paintbrushes; Showers; Stains; Toilet Bowls…and much more…





Cleans: Bathtubs; Carpets; Drains; Floors; Laundry; Mildew; Pet Accidents; Stains like…Curry, Fruit, Vomit, Red Wine, Tiles, Toilet Rings, Walls…and much more…





Removes: Coffee and Tea Stains; Ink Stains; Lipstick Stains; Marker on Walls; Scuff Marks on Floors and Items; Static Cling


Preserves: Kid’s Artwork; Panty Hose; Copper and Brass; Cut Flowers…and much more…





Cleans: Carpets; Cast-Iron Pans; Chimney Creosote; Drains; Egg Spills; Grease Stains; Laundry; Perspiration Stains; Soot; Stainless-Steel Sinks; Upholstery Spills; Wicker Furniture; Wine Stains…and much more…





Good For: BBQ Cleaning; Chrome Cleaning; Dryer Static; Flashlight Repair; Mixer Messes; Mirror Repair; Preserving Ice Cream; Silverware Cleaning…and much more…





Removes: Stains like…Blood; Chocolate; Coffee; Ketchup; Kid’s Paints; Pet Accidents; Soot; Spaghetti Sauce; Tea…from Carpets; Plush Toys; Rugs

Defogs: Eyeglasses; Bathroom Mirrors; Windows…and much more…





Cleans: BBQs; Chrome; Clothing; Diamonds; Faucets; Gold; Golf Balls; Ovens; Painted Walls; Shoes; Silver Jewelry; Stains like…Chocolate, Curry, Grass, Mildew, Vases…and much more…





Cleans: Bath Mats; Coffee Cups; Coffeemakers; Enamel Broiling Pans; Laundry; Pots with Burned Food; Painted Walls; Silverware; Thermos; Tile Mold…and much more…





Removes: Stains like…Bacon Splatters; BBQ Sauce; Blood; Chocolate; Cigarette Ash; Coffee; Dirt; Egg; Eyeliner; Glue; Grass; Gravy; Grease; Iodine; Ketchup; Mascara; Mustard; Oil; Rust; Salad Dressing; Salsa; Soy Sauce; Spaghetti Sauce; Tabasco Sauce; Tea; Worcestershire Sauce…and much more…





Cleans: Floors; Furniture and Walls of Marks like Pencil Crayon; Marker; Wax Crayon; Soot; Ink; Scuffs

Shines: Jewelry; Silverware

Removes: Clothing Stains; Small Scratches and Burn Marks from Furniture and Woodwork…and much more…





Club Soda; Cola; Cornstarch; Dental Floss; Denture Tablets; Dishwasher Detergent; Glycerin; Hydrogen Peroxide; Lemon Juice; Lemon Oil; Linseed Oil; Mayonnaise; Milk; Mineral Oil; Petroleum Jelly; Rubber Gloves; Rubbing Alcohol…and many more!



Our local and international television viewers and radio listeners who supplied us with such a variety of hints…


The readers of our first two books, and our newspaper columns, for taking the time to send us their favorite tips…


The companies, organizations and individuals who provided information and advice essential to this book…


Our friend and partner Margie Henderson, who keeps all those loose ends tied together for us…and still keeps smiling…


Donna Dahr and her amazing test kitchen…


Our illustrator David McNiven, again bringing each page to life…


Mary Menary, for her prayers…and her garage…


Our family and friends, for their help and encouragement…


Our three wonderful daughters, Erin, Kerry and Anna, for still recognizing us…


Each other, for the constant love, and support and understanding.


  1. CLEANING 101

“It’s Easy…If You Know How!”

Advanced Planning

Your Cleaning Credo

Tools Of The Trade

  2. KLEVER KITCHEN KLEANUPS“Keeping Your Kitchen Spick, Span And Spotless!”

Appliances…Bigger Than A Bread Box

Appliances…Smaller Than A Bread Box

Pots, Pans And Paraphernalia

The Dirt On Dishware

Getting Your Glassware Gleaming

Counters, Cupboards…And The Kitchen Sink

And Don’t Forget

  3. BATHROOM BEAUTIFUL“Cleaning…Where You Clean Yourself!”

Tub Tricks and Sink Secrets

Shower Shake-Ups

Toilet Treatment

In General

  4. FOILING FURNITURE FOES“How Not To Take Grime Sitting Down!”

Going With The Grain

Cleaning Up(holstery)

Leather Luster

Wicker And Cane Care

Prime-Piece Pampering

UNDERFOOT“Smart Ideas For Carpets And Floors!”

Clever Carpet Cleaning

Wood Floors Made Easy

Vinyl, Linoleum And Tile Tips

The Rest Of The Floors

  6. WALLS AND WINDOWS“Cleaning Up And Cleaning Down!”

Wall And Woodwork Wonders

Windows And Dressings

  7. ROUND ABOUT THE HOUSE“The Rest Of The Nooks And Crannies!”

Things That Aren’t Nailed Down

Things That Are Nailed Down

And Finally

  8. WASH-DAY WISDOM“A Laundry List Of Smart Ideas!”

Laundry Lowdown

Specks, Spots And Spills

  9. REGROUP AND REORGANIZE“Putting Clutter In Its Place, Room By Room!”

The Entrance Hall

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Bedroom

The Kids’ Room

The Basement

The Rest Of The Rooms

  10. INSIDE INFO ON THE OUTSIDE“Cleaning Up The Great Outdoors!”

Garden Cleanup

Up And Down The Garden Path

Tool Treatments

Pet Control

Outdoor Living And Entertaining

All The Rest

  11. YOU AND YOURS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM“Cleaning And Organizing…Yourself And Your Possessions!”

Getting Personal

Wardrobe Wisdom

The Dressing Table

  12. EASY-FIND INDEX“The Most Important Part, Of The Book! Find The Exact Hint You Want Instantly!”
Easy-Find Index









Stay Alert For Dirt…It would amaze you at how much money is wasted by not keeping items clean. Dirty carpets last maybe half as long, clothes will wear out much quicker, walls end up having to be repainted, even light bulbs can lose up to 75% of their brightness and efficiency if they’re dusty. Keep on top of your cleaning.

Tidy Before Tackling…Before you begin cleaning the items in any room, it’s a good idea to tidy the room itself first. An uncluttered area is a lot easier to clean. Try it, you’ll see.

Cleaning-Recipe Warning…When using homemade cleaner recipes, always read any warnings on the label of the individual ingredients that you are using in the recipe. If possible, transfer those warnings to the label on the recipe container you are filling. Play it safe and keep cleaners out of reach of children.

   • Buy new containers to put your cleaning recipes in. Residual ingredients in used containers could react badly with whatever brand of recipe ingredient you are mixing in it.

Don’t Go To Your Corner…You’ll be amazed at how many people wash themselves into a corner when cleaning floors. Plan to end up in a doorway. This way you won’t track footmarks onto the damp floor.

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Haley's Cleaning Hints 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
TheBooknerd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I bought this on a lark, but I'm glad I did. There are a lot of useful ideas for cleaning a number of things with common household items and ingredients -- no need to buy fancy, brand-name cleaning products. And it all actually works! If you're looking to get away from chemicals, you should definitely look into this book. Granted, many of these hints you may be able to find on the internet; however, the convenience of having everything in one handy book cannot be denied. One caution: Haley's do-it-yourself routes do not always equate with non-toxic. There are some tips that include things like bleach or ammonia. Happily, there's usually alternative 'recipes' that don't use such products. Nevertheless, it's definitely a case of 'take what you like, leave what you don't.'
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FelisExotica More than 1 year ago
This book is good for persons learning how to clean. Not for an advanced individual looking for professional advice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Haley's Cleaning Hints is a brilliant book. The only drawback is that there should have been more information on vacuum cleaners. I mean, I need all the advice I can get haha. If I want to perform to the best of my ability I want to know all the secrets of vacuum cleaning trade. I mean I do a pretty good job and can remove 95% of what gets lodged in the carpet but it wouldn't hurt to get a bit more advice. Even information on how to keep a vacuum in the best condition because I have to say that wine was spilt on my hose the other day and that didn't help the circuit. But that's another story. - Mr Suckarupparar
Guest More than 1 year ago
I use lard a lot in the kitchen and it leaves some terrible looking stains on the work surfaces! I read Haley's book and 2 minutes later 'hey presto!' 10 years of lard stains gone with out a trace!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first saw his shows on pbs. His cleaning hints really work it was simple.and you use household poducts. I would remcommmended to every body that loves cleaning.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i saw this book on the pbs program and they wanted $240 for both the books, i said no way and went here and bought it for $20. This book is great....i swear by it....
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very well organized and easily understood, helpful ideas! Great solutions for everyday household problems presented in this well written text. A must-have book for all! A cleaning encyclopedia for any and all those nagging household problems you thought you could never remedy is here! Voila!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Loved the tips and ideas. They will save me a lot of time and money in the long run. Another great book of tips and ideas I just got is The Romantic's Guide and it is wonderful too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved his book. It was so good. I cleaned all my jewelry in seconds. My son told me about this book, but I didnt want to pay $240. I ordered it from B&N and I loved it and still do. Thankyou Haley! You saved my life!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was first introduced to HALEY¿S HINTS while watching a PBS Fund Raiser, and jotted down a few of his cleaning tips and they all worked. So eliminate all of those cleaning products under your sink, gather up a few spray bottles and start making your own household cleaning products with his various mixture concoctions of Ammonia, Vinegar, Dishwashing Soap, etc. A definite must have book for the house !
Guest More than 1 year ago
How does he know all this stuff? I've been trying to get a grape juice stain out of my couch for years. After a long spell I just gave up and turned the cushion over so no one could see it. Well, I tried what he said and it's gone. And all his many other tips work as well. The man is a genious.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Absolute Genius!!! This book was an amazing read. It didn't even take a month for this book to shoot to number 1! I loved it! Another book I recently read and adored is Dreams: Gateway to the True Self. These go great together.