Hang On Little Tomato

Hang On Little Tomato

by Pink Martini


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It would be easy to liken Pink Martini's music to the lounge and swing revivals of the '90s. However, the 12-piece mini-orchestra's mix of jazz, classical, Latin, and vocal pop sounds more organic than the work of, say, Combustible Edison. Like the Squirrel Nut Zippers -- who were always more than just a straightforward swing revival band -- Pink Martini do more than just rehash their influences; by dabbling in different sounds that they love, they've come up with their own. And even on the most theatrical moments of their second album, Hang On Little Tomato, such as the Yma Sumac-meets-chamber jazz of "U Plavu Zoru" or the smoky Italian ambience of "Una Notte a Napoli," a lot of genuine sentiment shines through. Though most of Hang On Little Tomato -- named after a vintage Hunt's Ketchup ad -- consists of originals, a few well-chosen covers stake out Pink Martini's sonic territory: the festive "Anna (El Negro Zumbon)"; Villa-Lobos' "Song of the Black Swan"; a downright swellegant version of "Let's Never Stop Falling in Love"; and "Kikuchiyo to Moshimasu," which features Hiroshi Wada, the slide guitarist who played on the original recording of the song. Amid all the multiculturalism, Hang On Little Tomato emphasizes the French and Cuban elements of Pink Martini's sound, with "Dansez-Vous" and the lovely "Autrefois" nodding to the former, and the ever-so-slightly mischievous ballad "Lilly" tipping its hat to the latter. The album's moods are almost as wide-ranging as its sounds, spanning the innocence of the title track's '30s pop and the Bacharach-esque sweetness of "Clementine" to the world-weary "Veronique" to the smoky romance of "Aspettami." A more full-fledged album than the band's debut Sympathique, Hang On Little Tomato offers a charmingly populist approach to music.

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Release Date: 10/19/2004
Label: Heinz Records
UPC: 0723721038557
catalogNumber: 2
Rank: 45665

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pink Martini   Primary Artist
Phil Baker   Upright Bass
Kelvin Klein   Choir, Chorus
Norman Leyden   Clarinet
Michael Spiro   Conga
Evelyne Taylor   Choir, Chorus
Dieter Ratzlaf   Cello
China Forbes   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Dale Thompson   Choir, Chorus
Joël Belgique   Viola
Dan Faehnle   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Electric Guitar
Jayne Andrews   Choir, Chorus
Alex U. Case   Choir, Chorus
Alba Clemente   Narrator
Scott Young   Choir, Chorus
Gavin Bondy   Trumpet,Choir, Chorus
Thomas Lauderdale   Piano,Keyboards,Choir, Chorus
John Wager   Bass,Upright Bass
Martin Zarzar   Percussion,Drums,Timbales,Choir, Chorus
Robert Taylor   Trombone,Trumpet,Choir, Chorus
Brian Davis   Percussion,Conga,Choir, Chorus,Tamborim
Larry E. Williams   Choir, Chorus
Oreet Ranon   Cello
Celeste Arias   Choir, Chorus
Kazunori Asano   Acoustic Guitar,Ukulele
Michael Boss Barba   Choir, Chorus
Steve Becic   Choir, Chorus
Megan Bentley   Choir, Chorus
Heather Blackburn   Cello
Aja Blair   Choir, Chorus
Daniel Callaway   Choir, Chorus
Julie Coleman   Violin
Jason DeSanto   Choir, Chorus
Alessandro DiBari   Choir, Chorus
Mario Dodici   Choir, Chorus
Edward Droste   Choir, Chorus
Colin M. Fjeld   Choir, Chorus
Mara Lise Gearman   Viola
Paloma Griffin   Violin,Choir, Chorus
Phil Hansen   Cello
Glen Hoover   Choir, Chorus
Denise Huizenga   Violin
Doree Jarboe   Choir Director
Timothy Jensen   Baritone Saxophone
Kellye Justice   Choir, Chorus
Zoe Larkins   Choir, Chorus
Maureen Love   Harp
Michael Lucia   Choir, Chorus
Pasquale Madeddu   Choir, Chorus
Megan McCarthy   Choir, Chorus
Louise McLean   Choir, Chorus
Roarke Menzies   Choir, Chorus
Anne Munson   Choir, Chorus
Osao Murata   Organ
Brett Mustard   Choir, Chorus
Tylor Neist   Viola
Timothy Nishimoto   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Charles Noble   Viola
Jake Oken Berg   Choir, Chorus
Beatrice Oliboni   Choir, Chorus
Roberto Olivero   Choir, Chorus
Doug Peebles   Trombone
Sergio Pellecchia   Choir, Chorus
Paige Powell   Choir, Chorus
Lisa Randall   Choir, Chorus
Derek Rieth   Percussion,Bongos,Choir, Chorus,Caxixi,Surdo,Shekere
Madison Rowley   Choir, Chorus
David Scheer   Choir, Chorus
Gino Schettini   Choir, Chorus
Timothy Scott   Cello
Andrew Shimomura   Choir, Chorus
Jonny Shultz   Choir, Chorus
Douglas Edwards Smith   Percussion,Timbales,Choir, Chorus,Pandeiro,Vibes,Guiro
Joseph Spinrad   Choir, Chorus
Trevor Strang   Choir, Chorus
Jason Stronquist   Trombone
Masumi Timson   Koto
David Vail   Choir, Chorus
Hiroshi Wada   Slide Guitar
Shaunel Watts   Choir, Chorus
Maliea Yakymi   Choir, Chorus
Cathie Joy Young   Choir, Chorus
Pansy Chang   Cello

Technical Credits

Heitor Villa-Lobos   Composer
Joe Chiccarelli   Producer
Dave Friedlander   Engineer
China Forbes   Composer
Mike King   Cover Layout
Alba Clemente   Composer
Johnny Dynell   Composer
Gavin Bondy   Composer
Thomas Lauderdale   Composer,Producer
John Wager   Composer
Yoichi Suzuki   Composer
David Eby   Composer
Adam Levy   Producer
Robert Taylor   Composer,Producer
Michio Yamazaki   Composer
Linda Lauderdale   Cover Photo
Derek Rieth   Composer
Teruo Yamaguchi   Engineer
Patrick Abbey   Composer

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Hang On Little Tomato 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Excellent and beautiful music with such pure sounding vocals. I've loved every tune and have appreciated having a second album from this talented group. Am thoroughly enjoying their style of music.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely well done by Pink Martini. An inspiring, soothing, emotional compilation of music known and all new with a touch of originality characteristic of this great group that one more time shows its musical capabilities and talents.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is absolutely stunning. The different vocal and instrumental layers are so perfectly combined to create a rich tone in all of the songs. I would recommend this excellent album to anyone!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been listening to Hang on Little Tomato on and off for weeks. It never fails to delight and energize me. So, for the second year, I'm giving the CD as a stocking stuffer ... to those I missed last year. Thomas Lauderdale is a genius. China's voice is sublime. Do NOT miss this CD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The melodies will stick in your head, the lyrics are brilliant, and the music is amazing. I'm planning on buying this for everyone on my christmas list. it's a one-size-fits-all, guaranteed-to-please kind of CD with something for everyone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wasn't sure at first if I would love their second album as much as the first but after two playings I was hooked - just as good if not better than their first.
Guest More than 1 year ago
for those of us who adore pink martini and were waiting for their second c.d. to be as good as or hopefully better than their first.....big dissapointment. thomas and chinas combined talent isn't enough to save this c.d. from the trash pile. the depth, richness and dimension of range that was so original in the first c.d. is not here in hang on little tomato. i am so sad......
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first learned about Pink Martini from a song played in an early episode of "Dead Like Me", a Showtime series. The song was an old Doris Day standard, "Que Sera Sera", but the haunting and unique quality of the group's interpretation compelled me to learn who were the artists behind it. I learned it was Pink Martini, bought their first CD, "Sympathique", and must have listened to it a thousand times. I've been anxiously waiting for a second CD, and had just about given up when I learned about "Tomato". It's a terrific collection of mostly original songs, with great vocals, instrumentation, and top notch performance. It has quickly become my current favorite CD. I'm definitely hooked on Pink Martini, and I wait excitedly to more of their music.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago