Hans Christian Andersen/Tubby the Tuba

Hans Christian Andersen/Tubby the Tuba

by Danny Kaye



We'll wager than more than a few baby-boomer parents grew up watching Danny Kaye's beguiling 1952 movie "Hans Christian Andersen" on TV, and that they've now introduced their kids to Kaye's ever-delightful portrayal of the Danish talespinner. But you (and yours) don't even need to be familiar with the film to fall in love with its classic soundtrack. Kaye was a towering talent who had a seemingly effortless rapport with kids -- not least because of his enthusiasm for being just plain goofy, as seen in his sound-effects-laden "Ugly Duckling." From rollicking ("Thumbelina") to lyrical ("Inchworm") to sweeping ("Wonderful Copenhagen") -- all marvelous songs penned by Frank Loesser -- HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN resonates with Kaye's boundless warmth and joie de vivre.

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Release Date: 10/17/1990
Label: Mca
UPC: 0076732014844
catalogNumber: 148


  1. I'm Hans Christian Andersen
  2. Anywhere I Wander
  3. The Ugly Duckling
  4. Inchworm
  5. Thumbelina
  6. No Two People
  7. The King's New Clothes
  8. Wonderful Copenhagen
  9. Tubby the Tuba
  10. Tubby the Tuba at the Circus
  11. Uncle Pockets
  12. There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea!

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