Helping Hillary: Become President of These United States

Helping Hillary: Become President of These United States

by Michael Mathiesen


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It's very likelyl to be Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush in the 2016 Presidential Election.

It's always the choice of the lesser of two evils in the country — but at least this time, the two evils we have to choose from are an easy decision to make.

Hillary Clinton on one side - the wife of perhaps the best President of the United States since Lincoln - the only President in recent memory who not only balanced the budget but also had a SURPLUS which was squandered away by the other candidates brother George W. Bush, the first two MONTHS this turkey took office.

Bill Clinton kept us out of any major wars, which Jeb Bush's brother put this country into the WORST WAR in HISTORY - one that we could NOT WIN, which we are still fighting today - and which would end up costing the American people TRILLIONS of DOLLARS.

IF you are not willing to HELP HILLARY become the next President you may be choosing a man who wants to FINISH the job his brother did in NEARLY DESTROYING the greatest country that ever was.

In my humble opinion. So, not only does the author help you make your decision for 2016 but also shows the reader how we can and must help Hillary Clinton support a Real Democracy in America - one where We The People decide some of the most important issues by placing our greatest problems on the INTERNET and then allowing all of the citizens to CHOOSE between all of the suggested SOLUTIONS presented to the country by ordinary people and NOT just the two parties and the special interests.

This idea though NEW is not REVOLUTIONARY because our country was founded on these principles. We can and we must now extend the full intent of the founding fathers who wanted to bestow the complete set of rights and responsibilities to us but couldn't only because the TECHNOLOGY to create a Real Democracy was not around in their time. TODAY it is time because we have the technology which ironically was given to us by the United States Government but they never imagined that we might someday use it to save our country from the two-party monopoly of ideas.

This author has imagined it and makes it very clearly and concisely presented in DETAIL even giving us how it may look. Today we use FACEBOOK for vote for our friends and some of their nutty pictures and clever antics. Why not use this same kind of platform to pick from thousands of candidates instead of just TWO and from MILLIONS of IDEAS instead of just the very few horrific ideas they give us?

It's up to you - the readers to make that leap or go along with them on our present course towards total death and destruction.

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