Hide-and-Seek: No Ticks, Please

Hide-and-Seek: No Ticks, Please

by Nancy Fox, Daniel Seward

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A Lyme disease survivor explains tick-borne maladies in “a straightforward, nonfrightening way . . . A useful guide to avoiding a dangerous bug” (Kirkus Reviews).
This children’s book teaches strategies for preventing Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Through the story of Alex and José, children will learn about José’s discovery of a hidden danger (a tick) and how their activities may put them at risk of getting a tick bite.
“I can envision a parent using this book to start a conversation with their children on why it’s important to watch out for ticks and ways to do that. There are helpful pages on how to check yourself for ticks and if you find one, how to remove it. A list of educational resources is included in the back of the book.” —LymeDisease.org

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ISBN-13: 9781614487067
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 42
File size: 8 MB
Age Range: 3 Months to 11 Years

About the Author

Dr. Nancy Fox is a Lyme disease survivor who enjoys the outdoors. She received a doctorate degree at Wilmington University in Innovation and Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction. She has taught pre-K through twelfth grades for twenty years and has been a radio guest on “Everyday Wisdom for Families,” “The Ed Tyll Show,” WCTR, WNAV, and Total Education Network. She is a frequent speaker at schools and for several Lyme disease support groups.

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"José can't come over to play today," Alex's mom told her.

"Was he bad?" Alex asked. "His mom said we could play today."

"José wasn't bad, Alex. He's really sick and has a fever."

"A few days ago, we went on one of our adventures in the woods. But wait ... he was tired, and he didn't keep up with me when I was playing hide-and-seek with him," said Alex.

"That's what I want to talk to you about, Alex. You both played in the bushes, the tall grasses, and the woods behind José's house, right?"

"Yeah, we went exploring. We found worms and bugs under some rocks. We found squirrels running up trees. We heard all kinds of noises. I saw a mouse running through the leaves. We climbed on top of a big tree that had fallen to the ground. José was hiding in the tall bushes. But I found him, Mom. I found him."

"I need to talk to you about playing in the woods, the bushes, and the tall grasses, Alex. José's mom found a tick on him a couple of weeks ago."

"I know. José showed me the spot where the tick bit him under his arm. He said the tick made a red spot like a mosquito bite."

"He said he didn't feel the tick climb on him. He said his mom found it when she did a tick check. Mom, what's a tick check?"

"José's mom looked all over his body for ticks that are very small and hard to see or find," Alex's mother told her. "She pulled the tick off with a pair of tweezers. José's mom took him to the doctor the other day because he wasn't feeling well."

"José wasn't feeling well because a tick bit him?"

"To help you understand, Alex, let me share a story with you about ticks."

"Ticks like to crawl or climb, looking for adventure."

"You will find them in warm, moist spaces. You will find them in hidden places. No ticks, please!"

"That's what José was doing," Alex said. "Looking under rocks."

"There are places where ticks hide. Ticks hide in grasses. Ticks hide in masses."

"Look at all those ticks on that log!" Alex exclaimed. "José and I played on logs and in the grasses!"

"Ticks hide in the woods or among the leaves, and as for their size, you wouldn't believe ..."


Excerpted from "Hide-and-Seek"
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Copyright © 2014 Dr. Nancy Fox.
Excerpted by permission of Morgan James Publishing.
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