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Abrams, Harry N., Inc.
History of Far Eastern Art / Edition 5

History of Far Eastern Art / Edition 5

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Sherman E. Lee's A History of Far Eastern Art, for decades regarded as the premier compendium of the visual arts of Asia, is the only book of its scope in English -- a one-volume account that covers art from the Indus River to Japan and Java between the fifth millennium B.C.E. and 1850 C.E. It offers a clear and comprehensive study of the three major artistic traditions of Asia -- Indian, Chinese, and Japanese -- as well as a cogent overview of their interrelationships and their influences on, and from, the neighboring traditions of Southeast Asia and Indonesia, Central Asia, and Korea. Copious illustrations reveal the evolution of styles and artistic traditions, providing in themselves an unrivaled panorama of Asian achievement in art. This new edition of A History of Far Eastern Art takes full account of the astonishing recent archaeological discoveries, as these have confirmed, modified, or overturned previous interpretations. Many of these new finds are included among the hundreds of reproductions.

Each chapter begins with a concise historical introduction, providing a political and social context for artistic process and development. Within a chronological organization in which patterns of continuity and change are traced and interpreted, all mediums are discussed, with particular attention to those in which prevailing styles of each time and place have been expressed: sculpture and architecture in India and Southeast Asia, painting and ceramics in China and Korea, painting and decorative arts in Japan, and sculpture in religious art everywhere. The contributions of Korea and Central Asian cultures -- especially Nepal and Tibet -- have been given particular new attention. All this is accomplished with admirable clarity of arrangement and succinctness of presentation.

A general bibliography lists all major works and periodicals in the field; it is followed by a specialized bibliography for each chapter; all have been expanded and updated. Chronologies, maps, and a pronunciation guide for the Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (pinyin and Wade-Giles) names and terms assist the beginning student, and these too have been revised and made current. The detailed index, which provides ready access to specific information, cites all Chinese names and terms in both pinyin and Wade-Giles spellings. Together, text, illustrations, and appendices make A History of Far Eastern Art a uniquely integrated general introduction to its field, as well as a basic reference work for advanced scholars.

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ISBN-13: 9780810934146
Publisher: Abrams, Harry N., Inc.
Publication date: 02/28/1994
Edition description: 5th Edition
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 9.09(w) x 11.78(h) x 1.55(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fifth Edition9
Comparative Time Chart10
Chronological Tables12
Map of Asia East of the Indus River14
Guide to Pronunciation16
Part 1Early Culture and Art: The Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Early Iron Age
1.Urban Civilization and the Indus Valley; Neolithic and Pre-Shang China; Ban Chieng Culture18
2.Chinese Art from the Shang through the Middle Zhou Period29
Map of China and Korea31
3.The Late Zhou Period45
4.The Growth and Expansion of Early Chinese Culture through the Han Dynasty; Korea and Japan57
Part 2The International Influence of Buddhist Art
5.Early Art in India80
Map of India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka93
6.The International Gupta Style110
7.The Expansion of Buddhist Art to East Asia151
Part 3The Rise of National Indian and Indonesian Styles
8.Early Hindu Art in India190
9.Early Medieval Hindu Art in South and Central India217
10.Later Medieval Hindu Art238
11.The Medieval Art of Southeast Asia and Indonesia263
Part 4Chinese, Korean, and Japanese National Styles and Their Interplay
12.The Rise of the Arts of Painting and Ceramics in China286
13.The Beginnings of Developed Japanese Art Styles314
14.Chinese Art of the Song Dynasty and Korean Ceramics of Koryo358
15.Japanese Art of the Kamakura Period397
16.Japanese Art of the Muromachi Period417
17.Later Chinese Art: The Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties450
18.Later Japanese Art: The Momoyama and Edo Periods510

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