Hollywood Goes to War: Films and American Society, 1939-1952

Hollywood Goes to War: Films and American Society, 1939-1952

by Colin Shindler


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A historian's view of the relationship between American history and the American film industry, this book is a witty and perceptive account of Hollywood and its films in the years from the outbreak of the
Second World War in Europe to the end of the war in Korea, It describes how film makers and their industry were shaped by and responded to the strong political and social stimuli of wartime America.

The author examines the recurring question of whether the movies were a reflection of the society in which they were produced, or whether by virtue of their undeniable propaganda power the films shaped that society. Combining evidence from literary, visual and oral sources, he covers a wide range of movies, emphasising in particular Casablanca, Mrs Miniver, The Best Years of Our Lives and
Since You Went Away.

In addition to placing the films in a social and political context, the author shows that Hollywood is a perfect example of the bone-headed way in which people behave when they are dealing with large amounts of money and power. Enjoyably nostalgic, this book will appeal to film enthusiasts as well as those interested in war and its effect on society.

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ISBN-13: 9781138971905
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/07/2015
Series: Routledge Library Editions: Cinema Series
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.69(h) x 0.38(d)

Table of Contents

Preface 1. Alarums and Excursions 2. Over There 3. Walking on Eggs 4. No Way In 5. A Date Which Will Live in Infamy 6. All Through the Night 7. Here is Your War 8. Since They Went Away 9. The Fruits of Victory 10. The Primrose Path 11. Most Disastrous Chances 12. Cry Havoc – Again. General Index. Index of Film Titles

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