Homesteading For Beginners: How To Start Living Debt Free Life And Produce Own Food

Homesteading For Beginners: How To Start Living Debt Free Life And Produce Own Food

by Peter Dyson


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Homesteading For Beginners: How To Start Living Debt Free Life And Produce Own Food

BOOK#1: Homesteading For Beginners - Self-Sufficiency Is New Sexy! A Detailed Guide To Live Debt Free And Even Earn Money Homesteading

Would you like to know how to turn your personal property into a homestead that makes money?

Then you've found the right book! There are so many advantages to growing your own food and raising your own meats, money being one of them!

BOOK#2: Gardening For Beginners: Start Your Debt Free And Pesticide Free Natural Life! 30+ Time Proven Tips To Grow Organic And Delicious Vegetables And Fruits!

Organic gardening has been around far longer than the commercial, pesticide-laden farms and factories that produce most of our food today. Not long ago, farmers relied on natural principles and planning to ensure that their crops would grow and flourish. In this book, we've compiled a list of time-tested strategies for growing and eating healthy, home-grown fruits and vegetables. We've covered everything from planning your first garden to collecting your harvest and tons of tips for saving money and even making a profit growing food.

BOOK #3: Mini Farming: A Pictured Guide For Beginners: How To Build A Backyard Farm And Start Growing Own Organic Fruits And Vegetables

This eBook provides common sense, practical information on starting your own mini farm on even the smallest plots of land. Whether you plan to raise produce only, livestock only, some produce and some livestock, or a lot of produce and a lot of livestock.

BOOK #4: Hydroponics For Beginners: Learn How To Grow Your Own Fresh and Pesticide Less Vegetables And Fruits With This Step-by-Step Guide For Absolute Beginners!

Hydroponic gardening is a method you can use to grow plants using nutrient solutions in water; without using soil. Hydroponic gardening has been used for thousands of years; beginning with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Floating Gardens in China. Sense that time; many countries such as Holland, Germany, and Australia have started to experiment with the idea of hydroponic gardens.

BOOK #5: Chicken Coop: Simple Start For Beginners. How To Raise Your Chickens Healthy And Happy

This book is about raising chickens the happier and the healthier way and is ideal for those who are beginning to raise chickens. There's a chapter on the breeds of chicken, with both descriptions and pictures of both layers and broilers. A clear distinction has also been made between the heritage and the hybrid breeds, making it easier for to choose the breed you want to keep, whether for eggs or for meat.

There's also a section that talks about the chicken coop, with reasons as well as benefits for making a DIY chicken coop instead of buying a ready-made one.

BOOK #6: Beekeeping for Beginners. Backyard Beekeeping: Ultimate Guide On How To Keep Bees And Get Your First Honey Harvest!

You should download this book if you are interested in not only starting a new hobby, but also play an important role in helping to save the bees. You can do your part by becoming a beekeeper, not only will this be a therapeutic hobby for you on numerous levels, but you will also benefit in getting to enjoy organic honey made right in your own backyard!

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