How and Where to Locate the Merchandise to Sell on EBay

How and Where to Locate the Merchandise to Sell on EBay

by Atlantic Publishing Group Inc


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According to a recent survey by ACNielsen Media Research International, more than 724,000 Americans report eBay as their primary or secondary source of income. Another 1.5 million individuals soy that they supplement their income by selling on eBay. Finding customers is not a problem in this market; locating quality items to sell is the challenge. Where do you find the merchandise you need to sell on eBay? What do you do when you have cleaned out your closets and attics and exhausted your personal stash? The revised 2nd Edition of How and Where to Locate the Merchandise to Sell on eBay: Insider Information You Need to Know from the Experts Who Do It Every Day is an updated, comprehensive, and detailed compilation of information on where to find products you can buy for a few cents on the dollar and resell for profit. This book is intended for online sellers who want to build a business that can be grown over time by selling quality merchandise in quantity.

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ISBN-13: 9781601389459
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company FL
Publication date: 09/30/2015
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Second Edition 11

Why eBay? 11

Staying Power 13

Why Research? 16

Be Ready to Switch Products 17

What You Cannot Sell 19

Chapter 1 Before You Sell Anything 23

Basic Steps in Selling on eBay 23

Research for Profitability 29

Sell-through Rate 30

Think Globally, Act Locally 31

Find Out What People Are Buying on eBay Today 35

Chapter 2 Where to Begin Looking for a Product 37

Start where you live 37

Local Storage Companies 38

Flea Markets 40

Yard Sales 42

Church Community Sales 45

Local Newspaper 47

Local Auctions 48

Thrift Shops 49

Estate Sales 51

Be the Last in Line 53

Far from the Maddening Crowd 55

Facebook and Final Notes 58

Chapter 3 Now Cast a Wider Net 59

Trade Shows 61

Going International 64

Direct Manufacturers 66

Remanufacturers 68

Internet Wholesalers 69

EBay Itself as a Source 70

One Example of Arbitrage 74

Strike When Lightning Hits 76

Chapter 4 Becoming a Consignment Shop 79

No Inventory 80

The Consignment Business Model 81

Chapter 5 Pros and Cons of Using a Drop Shipper 83

Being an Intermediary 83

Being a Drop Shipper 95

Chapter 6 B2B, Liquidations, and Dedicated Manufacturers 97

B2B Exchange 97

Liquidations 98

Dedicated Manufacturers 100

Chapter 7 Buying Closeout Merchandise 101

Advantages and Disadvantages 102

Product from Reputable Dealers: How to Know 105

Chapter 8 Wholesale Misconceptions 107

There Is Wholesale and Then There Is Wholesale 107

Scams and Tricks to Avoid 111

Chapter 9 Too Much Is Never Enough 115

Getting Organized 116

Inventory Costs 119

Return Receipt and Tracking Information 122

Chapter 10 Finding Your Niche - Rome Was Not Built in a Day 132

Fads and Trends 133

Cross-Sell Items 134

Types of Goods 135

Chapter 11 Your Strategy 137

Chapter 12 Finding and Selling Limited-Life Goods 141

How Demand Works - In Brief 143

Understanding the Market and Pitfalls to Avoid 143

Selling Early 144

Selling on Time 145

Selling End-of-Cycle 145

Chapter 13 Finding and Selling General Goods 147

How Demand Works - In Brief 148

Understanding the Market and Pitfalls to Avoid 148

Do Not Try to Do It Fast! 151

Diversify 151

Chapter 14 Finding and Selling Seasonal Items 153

How Demand Works - In Brief 155

Understanding the Market and Pitfalls to Avoid 156

Timing the Seasonal Goods Market 158

Chapter 15 Collectibles, Pickers, and Auctions 159

How Demand Works - In Brief 161

Understanding the Market and Pitfalls to Avoid 163

Who Are Pickers? 167

Becoming a Picker 170

Auctions 178

Chapter 16 Recommended Items to Offer on eBay 185

Selling Information 186

Books 189

Software 191

Internet Services 191

Anything on Wheels 191

Collections 193

Children's Clothing and Goods 193

Old, English China Cups and Saucers 195

Vintage Jewelry 195

Media 196

Dolls 197

Dollar Store Items 197

Anything That Teenagers Like 198

Musical Instruments 198

Golf Clubs 199

Name Brand and Plus-Size Clothing 199

Purses and Shoes 200

Skis, Snowboards, and Camping Gear 200

Jigsaw puzzles - er - NO! 200

Recommendations from Full-Time eBay Sellers 201

Chapter 17 Building Business Relationships 203

Get to Know Your Customers 203

Communicating with Your Customers 205

Your Photos 206

The Picture Sells! 207

Conclusion 211

The Choice Is Up to You 211

Ask for Help 212

No Guts, No Glory 213

Merchandise Directory 215

Apparel 215

As seen on TV 236

Baby Items 237

Books 240

Cameras 241

Collectibles 241

Computer Products 243

Crafts 243

Dollar Store Items 245

Candles, Incense, Potpourri 247

DVDs & Videos 249

Electronics 251

Food Products 253

General Merchandise 256

Gifts 261

Greeting Cards 265

Holiday 267

Jewelry 268

Leather 272

Music 274

Party Items 275

Serf-Defense & Security 276

Sporting Goods 279

Tools & Hardware 280

Toys & Hobbies 282

Index 285

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How and Where to Locate the Merchandise to Sell on EBay 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
NatoshaM More than 1 year ago
Terrific book! Packed with good to know info, for making eBay the next source of income or my first! It's got tips on photos, where to get products to sell and keeping a good relationship with the customers. Excellent!