How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart

by Charles H Spurgeon, L G Parkhurst Jr


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If you are seeking God, that is a sign that God is seeking you. God will seek you until He finds you, as Jesus' parables of The Lost Sheep and The Lost Silver Coin teach in How to Find God Again. If you are seeking to find God again, that is a sign that your heavenly Father is waiting with an open heart of love for you to come home again. When you come home to God, God will warmly embrace you, forgive you, restore you, and fill you with His loving presence, as Jesus' parable on The Lost or Prodigal Son teaches in How to Find God Again. Charles Spurgeon's powerful teachings on Jesus' most popular parables in How to Find God Again will encourage your heart, renew your mind, strengthen your spirit, restore relationships, and guide your walk on the right path to God and Paradise.

Many people are seeking God today. Perhaps many more are trying to find God again after having taken the wrong path or having turned away from God in disappointment, despair, or desperation. Think about this common question that maybe you or someone you know has asked: "For the past few months I've sorta lost faith, I mean I still know God's real, but I often have doubts and I don't feel happy and loved anymore. I don't know what I did wrong, but I don't feel okay with him 'gone.' I've gotten down on my knees and prayed and begged him to let me feel the love. I'd do anything to feel his complete love again and be forgiven (even though I don't deserve forgiveness). Does anyone know any prayers I can say that'll work? Or anything that will help me feel loved and help me give my life to God again???" How to Find God Again gives the answers to problems and questions such as these, which can help you or someone you know.

Internet discussion forums often have questions such as this one from a teenager: "Nothing traumatic or terrible has happened in my life that would make me turn my back on God. I guess it's just that . . . well I find it extremely difficult to believe that there is actually a man up there that is all-knowing, all-forgiving, all-merciful and beautifully perfect in every way possible. I feel that I am far too logic-based to believe that any of that could possibly be the slightest bit real. I want to believe though. I have faith that I can somehow find faith. But sometimes I feel like I am not the kind of person that should be welcomed by God. The truth is, I like to have fun and live my life the way the average person does, especially wild teens. But that lifestyle just doesn't satisfy me all the time. I think I am a pretty good person overall and God might accept me again. But how do I find Him? How do I invite Him back into my life? Someone please help me . . . I'm desperate." Charles Spurgeon's advice and counsel in How to Find God Again can help you or people such as these by answering questions that basically ask: "How can I find God again?"

Charles H. Spurgeon was called the "Prince of Preachers," and millions loved to hear him for his practical advice and the joy they experienced when he taught them about God. He expressed a special love and concern for the abandoned, the poor, the downtrodden, the outcast, those that society discarded, and the spiritual needs of everyone. For many reasons, he has remained a popular teacher of millions around the world, especially of those who have found God or found God again through his messages.

L.G. Parkhurst, Jr. writes the International Bible Lesson Commentary, and is the author of Francis and Edith Schaeffer: Expanded and Updated Edition and How God Teaches Us to Pray: Lessons from the Lives of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. Parkhurst's Commentary on Jesus' three parables in Luke 15, and his Study Questions on the fourteen messages by Spurgeon in How to Find God Again will enhance and guide both individual and group study of Spurgeon's

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