How to Solar Power Your Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

How to Solar Power Your Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

by Martha Maeda


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Now more than ever, the question of economic and environmentally friendly energy sources has become a hot topic in every American home. With that in mind, more people are turning to alternatives, such as solar power, as a means of saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. This nearly carbon neutral method comes with sizable tax rebates from the federal government and, in states like California and New Jersey, massive rebates from the state. More states are considering similar rebates making it an ideal solution for anyone looking to save money in the long term and help the planet immediately.

This book will guide anyone interested in the process of installing and utilizing solar power for their home to search for, buy or build their own solar power system. Learn how solar power and other alternative energy sources can help to heal the world and how you can start surveying your own energy use and efficiency. Learn how you can start making basic adjustments to become more efficient and how solar power can help you before you start any major projects. Learn what solar power requires, from cost and equipment to maintenance and preparation at certain times of the year. Learn how solar power works and how to start evaluating the potential it has for your building needs. Take the cost of installing solar power and learn how long it will take to make money back on your investment, including information on federal and state rebates that might affect you.

Multiple individuals who have successfully installed solar power in their homes have been interviewed and their experiences included in this guide to help you learn what others went through and how they completed their solar power projects. Learn how the installation process works and how it can be done in your landscape, in small projects, for heating and purifying water, swimming pool heating, and other similar projects. Learn about how you can construct a solar power system on your own to save money and what is involved in a full PV system. Finally, learn how the market for green homes has made it possible to extract a huge return on investment from building or remodeling a home with solar power. For anyone who has ever considered solar power as a viable means to save money and the environment, this guide will help you get started immediately.

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Publication date: 06/24/2015
Pages: 288
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