Hydro-Plowing the Ocean: Solving Global Warming and World Hunger for Fun and Profit

Hydro-Plowing the Ocean: Solving Global Warming and World Hunger for Fun and Profit

by William Malley


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Hydro-plowing is a method of moving the oceans nutrients from where they are to where they're needed. As time goes by we will need to turn more and more to the ocean for our supply of vital protein. Unfortunately the ocean seems to be slowly failing. Global warming appears to be the main culprit in this slow but steady decline. The solution to global warming is much simpler than most people think. Not only can we stop global warming, but at the same time we can produce hundreds of millions of tons of extra seafood. This exciting new book takes a completely different approach to solving global warming. We have billions of tons of excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, why not turn it into seafood? With hundreds of millions of people starving on our planet this plan will be a partial solution to their problems as well. This book doesn't pontificate against the production of carbon dioxide, it provides concrete solutions. The world will continue producing vast amounts of carbon dioxide for at least the next century; we need to learn to live with this new reality. The plans laid out in this book will not only stop global warming but can actually be used to roll the global warming clock back 100 years or more. This book is not some kind of a highbrow scientific journal; it's a book written for anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter whether you believe that global climate change is a result of man's folly, or a natural cycle. This book will enlighten everyone with its very positive solutions.

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