I Won a Life in the Lottery: The Vietnam War Draft Lottery

I Won a Life in the Lottery: The Vietnam War Draft Lottery

by Dale Warren


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Dale Walker won the lottery, not the Power Ball but the Vietnam War Draft lottery. Being a draft dodger was not an option in his family. They believed in the old-fashioned virtues: God, family, and country. Did he want to go to Vietnam and perhaps be killed? No, but if his country called, he would serve like all the brave men before him.

He had his life planned out: work for a chemical company, marry his girlfriend, build a home and live the "American Dream." When his birthday was the number one pick in the Vietnam War Draft Lottery, all those plans changed.

Dale married his sixteen-year-old sweetheart, served at the Army Intelligence School and overseas in Germany. His exciting Army career had its ups and downs, from winning "Soldier of the Year" to making lifelong friends, to medical emergencies and assisting Interpol with drug smugglers. This fictional novel was inspired by actual events in the lives of the author's family and the many blessings along their journey of serving God and others.

Reverend Dale Warren, his wife Jane, children and grandchildren live a blessed life in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. While serving in the Army at the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare School and overseas, he completed a BS and MBA with honors. He returned home living the American Dream. When God called, he sold the family home to attend seminary and serve over twenty years in ministry. He has received many awards and honors: graduating Magna Cum Laude, being named an honorary citizen of Tucson, winning the Paul Harris Award from Rotary International, and was appointed by Governor Tom Ridge to serve the community.

For more information on the author and his works visit www.pastordalewarren.com .

Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/DaleWarren

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