Images of Water in Isaiah

Images of Water in Isaiah

by John T. Willis


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This book is a study of the various metaphors, figures, similes, and usages of water found in the book of Isaiah. It covers representations of water relating to: water as a blessing in nature; the sea as a symbol of the expanse of space; Yahweh, the rider of the clouds; water or absence of water as symbol of divine punishment, hardships, and affliction; water as a defense strategy in military circumstances; water as a means of dilution; rain and snow as symbols of Yahweh's word; various forms of water symbolizing arrogance; rain, streams, water, and snow as symbols of forgiveness; water as a metaphor for Yahweh's control over nations and triumph over enemies; calm water as a symbol of trust in Yahweh; Yahweh's knowledge as waters cover the sea; water, lack of water, and overcoming threatening water as metaphors or similes for restoration and help; the great river as a symbol of the influx of nations; tears as the manifestation of lament and mourning; dew as a symbol of serenity and life-giving power; the personification of water; troubled waters as a symbol of the wicked; swimming as desperate effort to survive; and cultic practices involving water.

These themes emphasize important religious truths in the book of Isaiah. They include many concepts dealing with the nature and mighty acts of Yahweh; sin, punishment and forgiveness; Yahweh's work over and through nations; personal and corporate matters like trust and lament; and Yahweh’s work in nature.

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ISBN-13: 9781498540278
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 01/07/2017
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

John T. Willis is Burton Coffman Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies at Abilene Christian University.

Table of Contents

Preparation for the Discussion
Chapter 1: Water: A Blessing in Nature
Chapter 2: The Sea: Symbol of the Expanse of Space
Chapter 3: Yahweh: The Rider of the Clouds
Chapter 4: Water or Absence of Water: Symbol for Divine Punishment, Hardships, Afflictions
Chapter 5: Water as a Defense Strategy in Military Circumstances
Chapter 6: Waters as a Means of Dilution
Chapter 7: Rain and Snow: Symbols of Yahweh’s Word
Chapter 8: Various Forms of Water Symbolizing Arrogance
Chapter 9: Rain, Streams, Water and Snow: Symbols of Forgiveness
Chapter 10: Water: Metaphor for Yahweh’s Control over Nations and Triumph over Enemies
Chapter 11: Calm Water: Symbol of Trust in Yahweh
Chapter 12: Yahweh’s Knowledge as Waters Cover the Sea
Chapter 13: Water, Lack of Water, Overcoming Threatening Water: Metaphors or Similes for Restoration and Help
Chapter 14: Great River: Symbol of the Influx of Nations
Chapter 15: Tears: Manifestation of Lament and Mourning
Chapter 16: Dew: Symbol of Serenity and Life-Giving Power
Chapter 17: Personification of Water
Chapter 18: Troubled Waters: Symbol of the Wicked
Chapter 19: Swimming: Desperate Effort to Survive
Chapter 20: Cultic Practices involving Water

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