Imagine That [Soundtrack]

Imagine That [Soundtrack]


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The idea of filling a movie soundtrack with covers of Beatles songs is clearly a good one. It must be, because it's been done so many times. Let's see, there have been All This and World War II (1976), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978), I Am Sam (2001), and Across the Universe (2007), all resulting in chart albums and, in some cases, gold and platinum certifications. So, Imagine That is in good company, even if it's another movie in which the music seems oddly appended to the film itself, in this case an Eddie Murphy comedy. (Hey, that's no stranger than setting Beatles music to World War II footage.) The soundtrack album takes things somewhat further. Nine different Beatles songs are featured among the 11 tracks (with "Here Comes the Sun" presented twice), and four are not actually heard in the film. Among these are the more unusual renditions, including a slow ballad version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by Hope and an equally slow treatment of "I'm Looking Through You" by Tyler Hilton. Although they certainly don't improve on the originals or really represent notable alternative interpretations, these versions at least are different, while other performances are pale copies of the Beatles' performances. The album demonstrates that the Beatles have the potential to score on the Adult Alternative charts of the 21st century, if there were any doubt about that, even if their relationship to the humor of Eddie Murphy seems tenuous.

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Release Date: 06/23/2009
Label: Lakeshore Records
UPC: 0780163409321
catalogNumber: 34093
Rank: 142177

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alex Acuña   Percussion
Paul Bushnell   Bass
George Doering   Acoustic Guitar
Victor Indrizzo   Drums
Charles Judge   Keyboards
Wayne Kirkpatrick   Acoustic Guitar
Chris McHugh   Drums
Jerry McPherson   Electric Guitar
Jimmie Lee Sloas   Bass
Andrew Williams   Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Guitar (Nylon String),Guitar (Baritone)
Keith Chagall   Background Vocals
Greg Suran   Electric Guitar
Brian Carr   Synthesizer
Karey Kirkpatrick   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Piano,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals,Hi Hat
Mikal Blue   Bass,Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar
Sarah Burgess   Choir, Chorus
Eric Boulanger   Violin
Yara Shahidi   Vocals
Timothy Mahier   Vocals
Sarah Burgess   Vocals
Roarke Mackey   Vocals
Reiley Johnson   Vocals
Paul Leo Freese   Vocals
Nicholas Pineschi   Vocals
Monica Sullivan   Vocals
Molly Maloney   Vocals
Mary Kelly Morrison   Vocals
Maia Kirkpatrick   Vocals
Madison Karimi   Vocals
Madeleine Combs   Vocals
Luke McEndarfer   Choir Director
Luelle Robles   Vocals
Lina Hebert   Vocals
Leighton Saxby   Vocals
Jordan Shea Davison   Vocals
Jeffrey Keeler   Vocals
Isabelle Sherouse   Vocals
Hale Thornhill-Wilson   Vocals
Gabriel Ziaukas   Vocals
Evan Rennie   Vocals
Ethan Barker   Vocals
Erina Szeto   Vocals
David Freese   Vocals
Chelsea Barker   Vocals
Catherine Balfe   Vocals
Casey Burgess   Vocals
Carolina Toledo   Vocals
Brooke Johnson   Vocals
Anastasia Pineschi   Vocals
Alexandra Sanford   Vocals
Jaime Ortega   Vocals
Josh Friese   Drums
Christopher James   Vocals

Technical Credits

George Harrison   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Wayne Kirkpatrick   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Mark Mancina   Producer,Audio Production
Andrew Williams   Arranger,Producer,String Arrangements,Audio Production
Denise Luiso   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Dave Metzger   Arranger
Skip Williamson   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Randy Spendlove   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Karey Kirkpatrick   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Brian McNelis   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Mikal Blue   Producer,drum programming,Audio Production
Stephanie Mente   Art Direction

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