Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-45

Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-45


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Like their heavy cruiser brethren, the light cruisers built by the Imperial Japanese Navy in the build-up to WWII paid little more than lip service to the international naval treaties that were intended to keep the naval powers on a level playing field. The eight classes of light cruiser developed by the IJN were fast, well-armed, and technologically superior to the fleets the Allied powers could bring to bear. Serving with distinction across the Pacific Theatre, the IJN's light cruisers were committed to such actions as Midway and Leyte Gulf. Mark Stille continues Osprey's coverage of the IJN of WWII, with this concise and complete study of all 25 ships of the 8 light cruisers classes, from their design and development through to their ultimate fates. Detailed Osprey artwork and rare period photographs from the Fukui collection held in Kure, Japan, illustrate this discussion and provide great visual references for some of the most advanced naval vessels of WWII.

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ISBN-13: 9781849085625
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 02/21/2012
Series: New Vanguard Series , #187
Pages: 48
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About the Author

Mark E. Stille (Commander, United States Navy, retired) received his BA in history from the University of Maryland and also holds an MA from the Naval War College. He has worked in the intelligence community for 30 years including tours on the faculty of the Naval War College, on the Joint Staff and on US Navy ships. He is currently a senior analyst working in the Washington DC area. He is the author of numerous Osprey titles, focusing on naval history in the Pacific. He is also the author of several wargames.

Table of Contents

Introduction • Japanese naval strategy and the role of the light cruiser • Japanese light cruiser tactics • Japanese light cruiser design and development and impact of the Washington and London Naval Treaties • Japanese light cruiser weapons • Japanese light cruiser radar • The Light Cruiser Classes (Tenryu Class, Tama Class, Nagara Class, Sendai Class, Yubari Class, Agano Class, Oyodo Class, Katori Class) • Analysis and Conclusion

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