In Evil Times: Imperials 2

In Evil Times: Imperials 2

by Melinda Snodgrass


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Scholarship student Thracius “Tracy” Belmanor and Princess Mercedes de Arango have graduated from the High Ground and become officers in the Orden de la Estrella. Stung by Mercedes’ choice of Beauregard “Boho” Cullen as her consort, Tracy is glad that they are posted on battleships light years apart, but soon finds that without her protection he is nothing but a target. Meanwhile, Mercedes’ posting has its own challenges, not least her unfaithful husband.
Both young officers find themselves part of forced “assimilations” of settlers on Hidden Worlds, which lead them to doubt the intentions of the Solar League. And when Tracy witnesses an horrific event that threatens the fragile human and alien peace, Mercedes must decide where her loyalties truly lie...

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ISBN-13: 9781783295845
Publisher: Titan
Publication date: 07/04/2017
Series: Imperials
Pages: 356
Sales rank: 1,194,559
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Melinda Snodgrass has written multiple novels and screenplays, and is best known for her work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She has also worked on numerous other shows, including The Profilers, Sliders and Seaquest DSV. She coedits the Wild Cards series with George R.R. Martin. Melinda is the author of The Edge series, which is published by Tor Books in the US and Titan Books in the UK. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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In Evil Times: Imperials 2 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CaptainsQuarters More than 1 year ago
Ahoy there me mateys! I literally read book one then picked up book two and read that as well. Seriously this series should have more love! Well here be spoiler territory and I will not ruin it. Let’s just say that the events of book two take place years after graduation when both Mercedes and Tracy have their assignments. One of the fascinating things is that the tone has shifted significantly. The first book dealt with coming-of-age stories filled with hope, learning, growth, and change. It felt that way. In the second installment, gone are the naive students and in place are adults reacting to the world around them and trying to influence it. The scope of this novel is larger as well. The first book dealt with the years of training at the academy. The second spans a larger amount of time. And chaos is coming. This book is about setting up the larger conflict to come. But so much of this book is also about looking at changes in society and people as time passes. This is also book of consequences – large and small. I found both the character studies and the plot to be of equal interest. I loved the conflicts about found worlds. I loved the aliens. I love the set-up for the war to come. Ultimately I loved book two almost as much as book one! Book three of the five books series is out now and I be planning on reading it. I wish I already had the entire series in me cabin. This be a good one so far and I recommend that the crew join me on this journey. Arrrr!
reececo331 More than 1 year ago
In Evil Times (Imperials, #2) by Melinda M. Snodgrass Melinda Snodgrass is an amazing author. She takes a reader through a world that becomes all consuming. The readers connection to the characters is the defining feature of her writing. In Evil Times is the second book in the Imperials series. When I began reading it I told my students that the key characters were friends, and I wanted to see if they reconnect. My disillusioned middle school students comment "just friends" no one in books is just friends. I know that in the first book Princess Mercedes and Tracy had kissed, but their division because of the society bias of imperialism made a relationship impossible. They are forced by convention to have gone different paths, and their careers made it impossible for them to work together. What Melinda weaves into her story is that these two characters are only better together. They can solve the Empires problems best only together. This book shows that the test of their lives is the proof that they are better together. The reader is able to see what the characters keep trying to not accept. I am impatient for the final story, I need to see if the characters figure out what we all know. This book will pull at your heart strings, and has one of the best cliff hangers you will find in current books. Keep the story coming Melinda.