In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Lifeworks by Carl and Grace Moon

In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Lifeworks by Carl and Grace Moon


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Our story begins in a small town in Southern Ohio, in the late 1800s. An enthusiastic young man by the name of Carl Moon became interested in the American Indian after listening to stories told by his mother about the Indians.

By 1906 Moon had made a name for himself in the Southwest and became known all over the country.

Soon after marrying Grace Purdie of Indianapolis, Indiana in 1911, he opened his own studio in Pasadena, California. Soon the Moons were on their way to becoming famous photographers, artists, authors and poets. They were well respected in their community and many important people enlisted their services.

The Craftsman Magazine, a leading publication of the time, speaking of Moon said: 'A marked characteristic of his work is the absence of all evidence of the white man. His constant enedeavor to be logically accurate bears out his remark that he wishes to make pictures that will not only live but also be of practical value to the students in generations to come, who will have to depend largely upon the pictorial records that are being made today.

'Modest and unassuming, cheerful and buoyant, Mr. Moon's personality is everywhere evident in his work. Simplicity and force of character, free from the intrusion of deformity or vulgarity, emphatically marks his art of creating pictures that present clearly to the eye the beauty and symmpetry that is sought through camera and brush. See from a purely ethnological point of view, his photographic studies are of inestimable and permanent value to scientific research.

In Search of the Wild Indian, Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon, contains important information on all of their ventures. Brought back to life after being ignored for over half a century, Tom Driebe, the Moon's biographer, gives explicit knowledge on the life of these colossal figures.

More than an art and photography book, In Search of the Wild Indian is also a biography and information book. It is laid out in concise detail and is easy to read and understand with many fascinating facts uncovered by the author during his research.

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