In Those Days: Tales of Arctic Whaling: Collected Writings on Arctic History

In Those Days: Tales of Arctic Whaling: Collected Writings on Arctic History

by Kenn Harper

Paperback(English ed.)



In this third volume of In Those Days, Harper shares stories of the rise and fall of the whaling industry in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. At the turn of the nineteenth century, whale baleen and blubber were extremely valuable commodities, and so sailors braved the treacherous Arctic waters, risking starvation, scurvy, and death, to bring home the bounty of the North. The presence of these whalemen in the North would irrevocably alter the lives of Inuit.

Along with first-hand accounts from journals and dozens of rare, historical photographs, this collection includes the myth of the Octavius—a ship that drifted for twelve years with a frozen crew—encounters between sailors and Inuit, tales of the harrowing hazing rituals suffered by first-time crew members, and much more.

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ISBN-13: 9781772271799
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Series: In Those Days Series , #3
Edition description: English ed.
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Kenn Harper is a historian, writer, and linguist, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and a former member of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. He is the author of the In Those Days series, Minik, the New York Eskimo, and Thou Shalt Do No Murder: Inuit, Injustice, and the Canadian Arctic. “Taissumani,” his column on Arctic history, appears in Nunatsiaq News.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction /1
A Note on Word Choice /5
Preface /7

Collected Writings
The Mythical Voyage of the Octavius /11
William Scoresby Junior: Whaler Extraordinaire /17
Fire from Ice /20
Baffin Fair /23
Encounters with Inuit /28
The Disastrous Season of 1835 /31
The Loss of the William Torr /36
The Landmark Rock at Durban Harbour /40
Inuluapik and Penny Discover Cumberland Sound /46
Over-Wintering: The First Winter in Cumberland Sound /52
A Whaling Captain, a Discovery Ship, and the White House Desk /56
The Diana , a Charnel House of Dead and Dying Men /60
May Day on a Whaler /66
Words from the Whalers /70
Guests of the Whalers: Inuit in New England /86
A Literary Icon in the Arctic: Arthur Conan Doyle /97
The Windward : A Study Arctic Ship /103
James Mutch: An Arctic Whalemen /111
George Comer: The White Shaman /126
Saved by Inuit, Rescued by Whalers /132
The Murrays of Peterhead: A Whaling Family /139
The Dead Horse Song /145
David Cardno: At Home in Cumberland Sound /148
The Toll of the Arctic /158
Captain George Cleveland: Whaler and Trader /163
William Duval: Sivutiksaq of Cumberland Sound /169
The Burning of the Easonian : The Last Whaler /175
The Loss of the Albert /179

Acknowledgements /183

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