Instant Teamwork: Motivate and Energize Your Team Now!

Instant Teamwork: Motivate and Energize Your Team Now!

by Brian Clegg, Paul Birch


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The "instant" in the title is no accident. Unless these exercise are very quick, they are self-defeating. They get in the way instead of helping. Similarly, they should be available at a moment's notice. You can predict that you will need an ice-breaker at the start of a session with a new team, or that you might need to warm up a group after lunch, but often the best use of these exercises is reactive. Everyone's flagging —- let's throw in a warm-up. We're getting bogged down, let's have a time-out. Then the instant nature of the exercises comes into play. Instant Teamwork is a first aid kit as well as a planned health boost.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780749428044
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd.
Publication date: 01/28/1998
Series: Instant Series
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.18(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

BRIAN CLEGG holds a degree in physics from Cambridge University and a master's degree in operational research. A consultant and well-known columnist in the business and technology field, he is the author of a dozen books, including Creativity, Imagination Engineering, and Instant Brainpower.

Paul Birch is Director of VisionJuice, a creativity and organizational change consultancy. He is a visiting lecturer at Henley Management College and Oxford University and author of nine books. He is formerly Head of Business Planning at British Airways.

Table of Contents

1The need1
'Instant teamwork'3
You've been there3
Synergy or disruption3
The nature of the beast4
'Instant' is essential5
Silly games5
The real thing5
2The exercises7
What's inside9
Where's the teamwork?9
An artificial divide9
3.1This is my friend15
3.2Tower of Babel16
3.4Something for the weekend18
3.5Follow my leader19
3.6Spoon and string20
3.7Piggyback plus21
3.8Row of eyes22
3.9True and false23
3.10I am and I know24
3.11Pairing hands25
3.12Keys in the ring26
3.13String in the box27
3.14Trust me, I'll catch you28
3.15Sit on my lap29
3.16Sense and sensibility30
3.17You're an animal31
3.18You're great because...32
4.1The paper-clip race35
4.2Balloon volleyball36
4.3The magic tunnel37
4.4Bursting with energy39
4.5On the square40
4.9Boy meets girl44
4.11Circle of energy46
4.12Beam me up47
4.13One spare square48
4.14The people machine49
4.15Elastic band race50
4.16Sheepdog trials51
4.17Magic carpet52
4.18Balloon racing53
4.19Out for the count54
4.20Cow tails55
4.21Peer groups56
4.22Giants, witches and dwarves57
4.23Suck and blow58
4.24Magnet race59
5.3Tongue twisters65
5.4Buy me66
5.5Blindfold birthday67
5.7Ideas to get you fired69
5.8A to Z70
5.9Plane sailing71
5.10The wrong drawing72
5.11Abstract drawing73
5.12Magic square74
5.13Let me tell you a story75
5.15PR from hell77
5.16Passing the buck78
5.17What a load of dross79
5.18Strange tools80
6Hi-tech and hi-prep81
Here's one I made earlier83
The preparation tool bag83
6.1People chain85
6.2Contract fishing86
6.3Surfing the net87
6.6Bomb alert90
6.7Rules rule91
6.8Racing demon92
6.9The web chain93
6.10Treasure hunt94
6.11Lego construction95
6.12Nonsense object96
7Other sources97
Web sources100
AppendixThe selector101
The random selector103
Activities in teamwork order105
Activities in ice-breaking order107
Activities in energy order109
Activities in creativity order111
Activities in fun order113
Activities in order of ease of preparation115
Activities in order of running time117

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