Iran Under Allied Occupation In World War II: The Bridge to Victory & A Land of Famine

Iran Under Allied Occupation In World War II: The Bridge to Victory & A Land of Famine

by Mohammad Gholi Majd


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Occupied Iran in World War II became the most important supply route to Russia and source of fuel to the Allies. Having pledged to meet Iran’s “minimum needs”, the Allies commandeered the means of transport, seized food and fuel, severely restricted imports, forced Iran to print money, brought Polish refugees from Russia, and initially did little to contain the chaos and insecurity. The resulting famine and typhus epidemic of 1942-43 had claimed 4 million lives amounting to a quarter of the population. This was in addition to the 8-10 million lost in the Great Famine of 1917-19. Iran’s 1944 population was the same as 1900, a perfect case of a Malthusian Catastrophe. Having previously described the World War I famine, and using US diplomatic, military, and intelligence records, as well as primary British sources, Majd completes the task by also telling the story of the World War II Iranian famine.

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ISBN-13: 9780761867388
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 05/16/2016
Pages: 748
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

Mohammad Gholi Majd is the author of The Great Famine & Genocide in Iran: 1917-1919 (2nd Edition). University Press of America, 2013, and other works on twentieth century Iranian history. He holds a PhD in agricultural economics from Cornell University.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Fear of Soviet Mischief in Northern Iran and the Tripartite Treaty of Alliance
Chapter 3. Soheily Cabinet, Rupture with Japan, and Extension of Lend-Lease to Iran
Chapter 4. Iranian Appeals and British Counteractions in Washington
Chapter 5. Currency and Exchange Dispute with Britain and Paucity of Oil Revenues
Chapter 6. The Transportation Crisis and the Establishment of Road Transport Board
Chapter 7. Iran and the Middle East Supply Center
Chapter 8. The Middle East Supply Center and the Typhus Vaccine
Chapter 9. The Supply of Pharmaceuticals and Sugar: Case Studies in the Functioning of MESC
Chapter 10. Influx of Polish Refugees from Russia
Chapter 11. The American Red Cross and Iran
Chapter 12. Deepening Crisis and Weakening of Soheily Government
Chapter 13. Appointment of Qavam and Rising Friction with the British
Chapter 14. Renewed Financial Dispute and Tripartite Food Declaration
Chapter 15. Tehran Bread Riots
Chapter 16. Fall of Qavam and Re-Appointment of Soheily
Chapter 17. Anglo-American Exchanges and American Views on British Policy in Iran
Chapter 18. American-Iranian Relations and American Policy on Iran
Chapter 19. Russian Policy in Iran: Propaganda and Pressure
Chapter 20. Russian Policy and Conditions in Azerbaijan and Khorassan
Chapter 21. Allied Failure to Deliver Wheat on Time
Chapter 22. The Famine of 1942-1943: A Documentary Account
Chapter 23. The Typhus Epidemic: A Documentary Account
Chapter 24. Tribal Uprisings and the Spreading Chaos
Chapter 25. British-American Exchanges and Memoranda on Iran and the Tehran Declaration
Chapter 26. Attempts at Revival of Dictatorship
Chapter 27. Another Looming Famine and Actions to Avert It
Chapter 28. The Anglo-American Notes and Evasion of Commitments to Iran
Chapter 29. A Malthusian Catastrophe: The Toll from Famine and Disease

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