Isaac: Trek to King's Mountain

Isaac: Trek to King's Mountain

by J. Wayne Fears


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Hunger, horrible weather, fatigue beyond imagination, constant fear of death, loneliness, and vengeance were constant companions of Isaac as he walked in moccasins, cross country, over 100 miles of wilderness terrain to fight in one of America's least known but most important battles in the American Revolution.
Isaac- Trek to King's Mountain is the story of a teenage boy for whom isolation, daily wilderness survival, and Indian raids were not history lessons in a dusty book or on an internet site. They were 14 year old Isaac's day-to-day life.
Isaac Hunt was a product of living in a remote wilderness farm under constant Indian danger, and a threat of destruction by the British. His loyalty was not so much to a political cause, but to his family, for a very good reason, his father had been recently murdered by the British.
Reuben McGee, a master woodsman and aging longhunter, befriends and mentors Isaac, teaching him the wilderness and combat skills he will need to handle the hard days ahead.
Isaac, Reuben McGee and Sara Fowler are fictitious characters. However, the other people, all of the political and military events, even the daily moves, weather and camp locations in this book, really happened in the bloody autumn of 1780.
The Overmountain men might have thought better than to leave their homes to fight the British in a far-away land because the Cherokee were, at the same time, planning to attack the remote farms and settlements. But, the call to put down the British threat was too great. The men, called "Overmountain men", who lived on the western side of the Appalachians took the gamble.
King's Mountain, an actual place in northern South Carolina, was named for a pioneer named "King" (not the King of England). The trek to, and the Battle of King's Mountain, is accurately described and based on a true event. Many of the fighters in this historic 300 mile trek, and the resulting one hour and five minute battle, were teenage boys, like Isaac.
This often overlooked battle, according to historians, played a major role in turning America's War for Independence around and was a pivotal point in the birth of what became the United States of America.
This is a story of everyday pioneers overcoming great odds to enjoy liberty. Equally it is story about a boy's rapid adventure into manhood, because of his willingness to risk everything to avenge his father's death and to assure the freedom the Overmountain settlers wanted so bad.

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About the Author

J. Wayne Fears is one of the most prolific writers of outdoor literature. He has had over 6200 magazine articles published and he has written 32 books including how-to, novel, and humor. He has been awarded numerous awards for journalism and conservation. He was voted into the Explorers Club and enshrined in the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.

March 2013 J. Wayne's book Isaac - Trek to King's Mountain was the the recipient of a prestigious Pinnacle Outstanding Achivement Book Award given by the Professional Outdoor Media Association. This is the first time an e-book has ever received the award.

October 2013 Isaac - Trek to King's Mountain received First Place in the Best Outdoor Book Award given by the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association and sponsored by Chevrolet.This was the first time an e-book has ever won the coveted book award.

March 2014 Buck & Wart - Backcountry Letters received the prestigious Pinnacle Award for best book from the Professional Outdoor Media Association. This book will sonn be available in paper form as well as an e-book.

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