Israel, Iran, ISIS: in Bible Prophecy

Israel, Iran, ISIS: in Bible Prophecy

by Greg Laurie

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A new poll reveals that many Americans believe our country has spun off of its axis and is out of control. But it is not just the United States that is out of control; it’s the entire world. Why? It’s because we’re living in the last days.

One-third of the Bible deals with the topic of prophecy or end-times events. The Bible deals with the subject of the return of Christ five times more frequently than any other topic. This is important to God, and therefore, it should be important to us. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 3 that in the last days, things will go from bad to worse. We could compare last days events to dominoes that are closely stacked together.

Once the first domino goes, the others will fall in rapid succession. That is how it will be with world events in the last days, beginning with the emergence of the Antichrist. Then there is the Tribulation period. Then there is the Battle of Armageddon. Then there is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Then there is the Millennium. These events are closely stacked together. And once the first one starts, the others will follow in rapid succession.

Events in our world today are getting very close to that. We can safely say that we have never been closer to the return of Jesus than we are right now. What role does the turmoil in the Middle East play in Bible prophecy? Will the terrorist group ISIS tip the first domino of last days events?

In this powerful booklet, Pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie dives into the Bible to see what it says about world events and the hope of Jesus’ return.




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Table of Contents

Introduction 7 1. A New World Order? 11 2. What the Bible Predicts about Israel 19 3. Other Nations in the End Times 27 4. Three Principles for Living in the Last Days 35 5. Are You Ready for Christ's Return? 43 Appendix A: How to Know God 51 Appendix B: Equipped to Evangelize 53 Appendix C: Helps for Small Groups 59 Notes 63 About the Author 67

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