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Korn is the art-scarred older brother to Limp Bizkit's spoiled detention-hall wiseass. If Fred Durst is the high-school tool with the sickest jokes in the locker room, Korn yowler Jonathon Davis is the spooky darksider getting stoned alone in the parking lot. "Why do I have a conscience/All it does is fuck with me," he sings above the goth-metal whomp of "Trash," setting the tone for his band's fourth album -- a psycho-sludge epic that makes the Bizkits' SIGNIFICANT OTHER read like BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER. Davis has a gift for turning the rap-talk vox Anthony Kiedis ripped off from George Clinton into a testosterone bawl all his own, and at times he sounds like a freakish force of nature fronting musicians who've rebuilt Nine Inch Nails's industrial monster-mash into a sleek '90s metal machine. When he bellows "Wake the fuck up!" over Reginald "Fieldy Snuts" Arvizu's metaloid bass slamming, David Silveria's sludge-hop beats, and Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer's tidal guitar textures, the combined impact could blow the roof off just about any mothersucker in the land. Equally striking in their deranged drive are songs like "Am I Going Crazy" and "Let's Get This Party Started," in which Davis's bipolar yammering ("help meeeee!") grimly articulates the narcissistic hell of disaffected teendom with a visceral angst that far surpasses boomer totems like THE CATCHER IN THE RYE or detached "song-poets" like Paul Westerberg. And the fact that millions of suburban teens hear it as generational folk music only drives home the point more powerfully.

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