It Happened at Midnight

It Happened at Midnight

by Cait London

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)



She's known for creating passionate women and unforgettable men. Now Cait London brings you her most formidable family yet—the Langtrys.

When the Wild Heart of a Langtry Is Captured...

Michaela Langtry returns home to Wyoming seeking peace, and if she can avoid Harrison Kane II she might succeed in getting it. Harrison's cool composure and frustrating logic challenge Micaela, so she sets out to crack his carefully built shields. After all, Langtry women are known for being as bold as their men and Michaela is as much a Langtry as any of them...

...It Will Remain True Forever

Harrison counted on Michaela coming back to Wyoming where she belongs. She's always fascinated him with her passionate nature, and he enjoys pushing her to the limit. He's prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her where he can get his hands on her. But buried deep in the Rocky Mountains are secrets that are Harrison's alone. Can the powerful past rise to permanently destroy the fragile emotions growing between Harrison and Micaela?

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ISBN-13: 9780380815500
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 11/28/2000
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 4.18(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.96(d)

About the Author

Cait London is a national award-winning, bestselling author who fully enjoys the perks of her career, like traveling and meeting readers.

Cait's contemporary, fast-moving style blends romance with suspense and humor, and brings characters to life by using their pasts and heritages. Her books are filled with elements of her own experiences as a scenic and wildlife artist, a photographer, a mountain hiker, a gardener, a seamstress, a professional woman, and a homemaker. She also enjoys computers and reading, aromatherapy and herbs.

Of German-Russian heritage, Cait grew up in rural Washington State. She is now a resident of Missouri and the mother of three daughters, all taller than she.

The best events in her life have always been in threes, her good luck number. Cait London says, "I enjoy creating romantic collisions between dangerous, brooding heroes and contemporary, strong, active women who know how to manage their lives. I believe that each of my books is a gift to a reader, a part of me on those pages, and I'm thrilled when readers say, "That was a good book.'"

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Chapter One

Twenty-seven years later

�I've made mistakes, and I'm paying for them.� A descendant of the legendary mountainman and westerner Zachariah Langtry, Michaela Langtry prowled her New York apartment. She could not blame anyone for her choices'the wrong man, the wrong values'decisions based more on career than the richness of life.

Her parents had found that depth, that richness, that meaning and truth. The only scar on their lives was the baby stolen from them.

Michaela studied the crowded New York traffic below, the rain-beaded tops of black umbrellas moving below on the sidewalk. At rush hour, the subways and commuter trains would be crowded. But then, she no longer had to worry about mass transit, or had the problem of waving down a cab, of pushing her own umbrella through a sea of others.

Stripped of the heavy cosmetics demanded by the television camera, her face was taut and brooding and yet masked the savage emotions tearing through her. They said her fighting temper came from her father's side, from her ancestor Zachariah's high-wide sense of honor and pride. They said when Zachariah's temper was raked, it was like looking into hell; a quick glance at the image reflected in her apartment window revealed that same savagery. Michaela wasn't startled by her deep emotions; she'd always known they were within her'and she had the strength to conceal them.

Now, facing her moment of truth'that she alone held her future'Michaela thought of the pine needles high on the Rocky Mountains, frozen by the clouds' icy crystals. The needles were thin and fragile, encased by ice'like her heart.

The windowglass ran smooth andcold beneath her palm, just as her life had been, the texture of meaning and excitement gone. She had to find that meaning again. She had to survive.

Michaela clasped an old coin, claiming its warmth just as she needed to reclaim her life. She traced the L etched into the metal and held the coin tight against her chest. One of the Langtry's six original gold coins, it was her father's going-away gift. She'd been only twenty-two those nine years ago, her meteorologist degree tight and new in her hand.

Michaela had never believed in the legend of the Langtry coins, how they protected the Langtry-wearer. When all six coins were united, the legend said the owner would become even more powerful. Lately, after a series of disillusioning experiences, she'd begun doubting the legendary love of Zachariah Langtry'the son of a displaced southern plantation owner'and his Native American Cleopatra.

It was said that when the wild heart of a Langtry is captured, it will remain true forever . . .

Could love run so deeply that each would give up everything to have the other?Against the windows filled with the gray March day, the former television meteorologist's tall, slender body was taut with frustration. With black shoulder-length hair swirling around her striking clean-cut face, Michaela was a fighter'a woman who dared resist sexual harassment'but the odds were against her. She was an outsider in an insider business, a labeled �troublemaker.�

A wash of rain hit the woman's pale face mirrored in the windows, chilled by spring rain. Michaela studied her arching black brows, her shoulder-length hair pulled sleekly back from her forehead. �Photogenic� and �dynamic� were words they used to describe how the television camera caught her Langtry features and slid them across New York City.

The startling effect of her brilliant blue eyes jarred her once more. They were her mother's eyes, framed by black, glossy lashes instead of light brown ones. Michaela's were slashing now, glittering with tears she would not shed. Her skin-tight black pants and a sports bra were damp from her aerobic workout. The design was expensive, just like the closet full of suits worn for the nightly camera.

Arms folded in front of her, nails digging into her flesh, Michaela listened to the television and to the woman who had easily replaced her at the television station. Tina Thomas was good, moving in front of the weather maps, her hands and body eloquent.

She'd been well tutored on cosmetics and clothing and was just starting a career that Michaela had ended. But Tina relied strictly on computers, chatted about her dog, and forgot about reading clouds and winds and the moisture condensing on the outer surface of a glass'a telling sign of dew point.

Michaela wanted to feel the weather on her skin, to stand in it and be washed clean. She wanted to know the storms of her heart, to accept what she'd done and make a life from it.

She jerked the window open, allowing the rain to pound on her open palm. Her ancestor hadn't needed computers and reporting weather balloons; he'd foretold weather by the drift of it against his buckskins, his skin, the leaves turning on the trees, and by the look of the clouds in the sky. She missed the fierce elements, the wild Rocky Mountains, the sprawling Langtry ranch.

She'd come so far, moving, jostling for better positions, longing for her family. And for what? A high paying job with a high price tag.

She'd lived with a man for two years, believed he would support her in her battle against the man harassing her. And she'd been so wrong. Worried about his career as a newscaster, Dolph Morrow had run, not walked, away when she'd decided to fight James Charis's sexual harassment. A powerful man in the broadcasting community, James was capable of ruining lives and Dolph wanted his career more than Michaela; he did not support her fight against harrassment.

Truth: their surface-deep affair had been based more on careers and appearances than emotions. They had never once had a meaningful discussion about their emotions.Michaela smiled tightly, confining the wild hysterical laughter bubbling inside her. She slashed away the hot wash of tears and resented the emotions that prowled through her, raking her confidence. Maybe it was her ancestors' blood stirring, the mix of French, English, and Native American tormenting each other. Maybe this was the price she would have to pay for coming to life, the pain of reality?

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It Happened at Midnight 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Twenty-seven years ago in Shiloh, Wyoming, a female intruder killed the maid and kidnapped Sable, the six-week old child of Faith and Jacob Langtry. With not a word in all those years, the victim¿s family still suffers regrets and guilt though none could have prevented the incident.

Sable¿s older sister, Michaela has just returned home. Her meteorology career hit stormy weather in New York. Meanwhile in Shiloh, Harrison Kane II opens up a TV station. He wants Michaela, who he worshipped from afar as a teen, to join the team. As they fall in love, he learns secrets about both their families that make a permanent relationship seem impossible.

IT HAPPENED AT MIDNIGHT is an exciting romantic suspense that focuses on the long-term aftermath to the survivors of an ugly occurrence. The exciting story line is due to the lead characters and their feelings seem genuine, especially their mourning the loss of Sable. Much of how Michaela reacts to love comes from her guilt of not protecting her infant sister although she herself was only four at the time. Ms. London has started what appears to be an intriguing series that will please fans of the sub-genre if this novel is any indication.

Harriet Klausner