Jeannie's Golden Key: Book 1 of The Kopaz Series

Jeannie's Golden Key: Book 1 of The Kopaz Series

by Dale Groutage

Paperback(Jeannie's Golden Key: Book 1 of the Kopaz Series)

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The first in a four-book series, Jeannie's Golden Keys, introduces you to an astonishingly realistic world as it draws you into the compelling story of two teens in search of love and meaning-two teens who find strength in each other as they struggle to fulfill their destiny in an epic battle against evil.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998440309
Publisher: The Kopaz Series
Publication date: 12/21/2016
Series: Kopaz Series , #1
Edition description: Jeannie's Golden Key: Book 1 of the Kopaz Series
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Dale Groutage, coauthor of five books and columnist for the Casper Star-Tribune, was born and raised in Reliance, Wyoming, a coal camp in the southwestern deserts of the state. His childhood reading inspired him to pursue a better life, and he went on to earn BS, MS, and PhD degrees from the University of Wyoming and serve as a senior scientist for the US Navy developing missile guidance and submarine silencing technology.

Although he began life in poverty, Groutage ended up in the University of Wyoming Engineering Hall of Fame for his service to his country and was honored as one of the top ten engineers in federal government by the National Society of Professional Engineers. Married with three kids, the former adjunct professor for the University of California and the University of Washington is now retired and living on a small ranch in Lander, Wyoming.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Coal-Black Tomb

Chapter 2: Vulture in a Graveyard

Chapter 3: A Sweet Voice and a Lonely Ride

Chapter 4: Nightmares

Chapter 5: A Missing Pirate Returns

Chapter 6: Let’s Go Snooping

Chapter 7: A Crazy Man Spots Her

Chapter 8: Lord Mochcom, Good Servant of Zuron

Chapter 9: Monkey in a Palace

Chapter 10: Crazy LeRoy’s Evil Secret

Chapter 11: Pirate Log Day

Chapter 12: The White Face of Ziz Reveals the Path

Chapter 13: Pirate Legends

Chapter 14: Sacred Legends

Chapter 15: Zanzee, the Mystical Egyptian Cat

Chapter 16: The 1955 Chevy—What a Wild Ride!

Chapter 17: Uncovering Secrets—First Clue

Chapter 18: Uncovering Secrets—Second Clue

Chapter 19: Zanzee Points the Way

Chapter 20: Supernatural

Chapter 21: Treasure or Hoax?

Chapter 22 The Black Disciple

Chapter 23: The Further We Dig

Chapter 24: Treasure

Chapter 25: Bow and Arrow Lead the Way

Chapter 26: The Golden Key

Chapter 27: First Love, First Kiss

Chapter 28: Rosetta Stone

Chapter 29: Unraveling Mysteries—Jeannie Teases

Chapter 30: Intipraimi—A Combination Code

Chapter 31: The Disciple of Darkness

Chapter 32: The Garage

Chapter 33: Farewell

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