by Tricky


Has pop ever produced a nightcrawler as straight-up tweaked as Tricky? Okay, maybe his side-rapper -- the thousand-words-per-minute-spewing hip-hop hobgoblin, Street Dog -- comes close, but that's debatable. Since departing from Massive Attack to release his trip-hop classic, MAXINQUAYE, in 1995, the poshboy/B-boy with the sandpaper voice has sunk deeper into the cracks of that record's sound and farther into his own beautifully jaded psyche. Last year's ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES was a caldron of turgid live instrumentation and some of Tricky's most caustic mike work to date. JUXTAPOSE sees him team up with Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs and DMX trackmaster Dame Grease for a weird, skeletal noir-hop mix that can be hellishly frantic (the pornographic "I Like the Girls") and evanescently pretty (the airy, sultry diva-driven "Call Me"). Yet, if the evocative, acoustic-guitar rock of "For Real" is a sonic departure, most of JUXTAPOSE presents Tricky ingeniously balancing his pop notions and vitriolic energy. It might alienate the masses, but it'll feel comfortable to anyone who's happily done time in the Trixter's dubbed-out dungeon.

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Release Date: 08/17/1999
Label: Polygram Records
UPC: 0731454643221
catalogNumber: 546432

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