Knack Piano for Everyone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Notes, Chords, and Playing Basics

Knack Piano for Everyone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Notes, Chords, and Playing Basics

by Margaret Ann Martin, Keira Schwarz

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Knack Piano for Everyone is a self-instruction book for beginners to intermediates, fully illustrated with full-color photographs and musical notation. The book will teach readers everything a beginner should know about the instrument itself—the parts, different kinds of pianos, care for pianos—and then provide the basics of reading piano music and playing. Download play-along audio tracks at

The book will include:

* An explanation of how the piano works.

* An exploration of the instrument, sitting correctly, playing all over the keyboard on

the black keys.

* Finding familiar tunes on the piano.

* Music notation, where it comes from, directions (up and down) on the keyboard and

on the music page.

Lessons will be geared toward achievable results for the reader without any prior knowledge of music, but also contain sidebars on various styles and techniques for the more advanced reader. By the end of the book, the reader will be able to play some basic songs, including some that will be provided in the Appendix.

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ISBN-13: 9780762766376
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/09/2010
Series: Knack: Make It Easy
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 32 MB
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About the Author

Margaret Ann Martin graduated with a Masters Degree in Piano from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.  She has been teaching piano and composition at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven for more than twenty years. 

Table of Contents

Knack Piano for Everyone with CD



Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted

Choosing a Piano

Moving Around the Keyboard


Finger Patterns and Numbers


A Jump Start on Rhythm Notation

Chapter 2: Music Notation

Rhythm and Note Values

More Rhythm

From Whence Notation?

Treble and Bass Clefs

The Grand Staff

“Oh, Susanna!” in Notation

Chapter 3: More Basics

Rhythms of Famous Tunes

Marker Notes and Intervals

More Intervals Around Marker Notes

Fingering Relates to Intervals

Symbols for Silence

Chapter 4: Let's Play!

Basic Exercises

Treble Clef Melodies

Bass Clef Melodies

Piano Melodies

More Grand Staff Tunes (and Some Advice)

The Octave Sign

Chapter 5: Keys, Steps, Markers

Black Key Names


Half Steps and Whole Steps

Enharmonic Keys

New Markers: High G, Low F

The Symmetry of the Cs

Chapter 6: Five-finger Patterns

Eighth Notes

Major Five-finger Patterns

Playing Five-finger Patterns

Minor Five-finger Patterns

Topography of Patterns

Practicing the Major/Minor Patterns

Chapter 7: Chords

Out of the Five-finger Patterns—Chords

Blocked and Broken Triads

Intervals: 6ths

Triad Inversions: First Inversion

Second Inversion

Triads with Black Keys

Chapter 8: Perfect Fifths, etc.

Perfect Fifths, Perfect Accompaniments

Chromatic Scales in Perfect Fifths

Dotted Quarter and Eighth Note

“Oh, Susanna!” Again

Triplets in Music

More Music

Chapter 9: The Major Scale

An Easy Way to Play a Scale

Scale Patterns of Half and Whole Steps

The C Major “Template”

Again, Beginning on a Different Key

Scale Degrees Numbered

The Magic Circle of Fifths

Chapter 10: Questions

Music and Questions

Music to Analyze

Organizing Practice Time

Dynamic Variety

Ritardando, Fermata, a Tempo

More Music

Chapter 11: More Scales

D-Flat Major Scale

Another Scale Using All Five Black Keys

Technique of White Key Scales

C Major Scale in Contrary Motion

Topography of Scales

Circle of Fifths, Again

Chapter 12: Minor Keys

The Family of Keys

Harmonic Minor, The Snake Charmer

Melodic Minor

Relating Minor to Major

Music with Minor Sound

More Minor Music

Chapter 13: Building Chords

Triads on Every Note of the Scale

Other Keys, Other Triads

Primary Chords

Primary Chords for a Simple Tune

Break the Blocks; Add Syncopation

Simple Tunes to Accompany

Chapter 14: Put It Together

Find Chords for Other Popular Tunes

A Two-Hand Accompaniment


Same Tune in the Key of F Major

Same Tune in the Key of D Major

Rhythms for Accompaniments

Chapter 15: Smooth Connections

Connecting I and V in the Left Hand

Connecting I and V in the Right Hand

Connecting I and IV in the Left Hand

Connecting I and IV in the Right Hand

Start the Progression in Different Positions

Music for Smooth Connections

Chapter 16: Hands Together

Accompany with Fifths and Sixths

Music TK

Switch Hands

Accompany Each Note of the Major Scale

Challenge Your Brain

Music TK

Chapter 17: Duets=More Fun

Sitting Together on One or Two Benches

Music for Duets

Practice Tips

More Tips for Duet Playing

Music for Duet Playing

More Music for Duet Playing

Chapter 18: Use Your Knowledge

Practice Tips

How Does It Feel?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The Metronome

Fingers, Hands and Brain Are Exercised

Music TK

Chapter 19: Arpeggios

Arpeggiated A Major Triad

A Major Chord Within an Octave

One Note at a Time

Equal Time for the Other Hand

Open-Chord Accompaniment

Music TK

Chapter 20: Expanding Your Piano Horizons


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