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Latin Music USA



Intended as something of a concise soundtrack to the PBS TV special of the same name, Latin Music USA makes no claim to be definitive or even representative of this vast genre. Instead, it concentrates on the most familiar and the biggest sellers, focusing on artists and tracks that successfully crossed over to the mainstream. That's probably the only way a collection as diverse as this can get by and make any sense, and the producers were smart to divide the program into four themes to make their case stronger. The "Bridges" section includes early tracks by mega-influences Tito Puente, Pérez Prado, and Tito Rodríguez; "The Salsa Revolution" narrows the focus to proto-salsa by Willie Colón, Rubén Blades, Héctor Lavoe, and Celia Cruz; "The Chicano Wave" broadens the music's reach by allowing tracks by Santana and highly regarded Linda Ronstadt (who recorded a series of Spanish-language albums), as well as Selena and La Mafia; and "Divas & Superstars" predictably features Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, and, to bring things up to date, Cuban-American rapper Pitbull. By keeping the roster so scattered musically, Latin Music USA doesn't always make for coherent listening, but it does prove its point that Latin music both incorporates all of America's other major musical strains (jazz, country, rock, etc.) and, in turn, puts its own stamp on so much of what is recorded outside of the Latin arena, which despite its influence, still remains ghettoized by marketers and media in its purest forms.

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Release Date: 11/23/2009
Label: Red Int / Red Ink
UPC: 0886976036027
catalogNumber: 76036

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jimmy Smits   Narrator

Technical Credits

Rubén Blades   Composer
Willie Colón   Composer
Tito Puente   Composer
Gloria Estefan   Composer
Desmond Child   Composer
Gregg Rolie   Composer
Pete Astudillo   Composer
Calixto Ochoa   Composer
Marc Anthony   Composer
Marcus Malone   Composer
Carlos Santana   Composer
Robi Rosa   Composer
Gilberto Parra   Composer
Luis Gómez Escolar   Composer
Enrique García   Composer
Armando Larrinaga   Composer
Junior Cepeda   Composer
Robert Blades   Composer
A.B. Quintanilla   Composer
Leila Cobo   Liner Notes
David Brown   Composer
Jonathan Smith   Composer
Daniel McCabe   Producer
Louis Louiguy   Composer
Armando Christian Perez   Composer
R. Reilly Kotsch   Composer
Anjeannette Chirino   Composer
Guillermo Page   Executive Producer
David Mack   Composer
Otilio Portal   Composer
Cory Rooney   Composer
Debbie Abadia   Graphic Design,Layout
Adriana Bosch   Producer,Senior Producer
James Adame   Graphic Design
Elizabeth Deane   Executive Producer
Laurens Grant   Producer
John J. Valadez   Producer
Joe Cardona   Producer
Jeremy Marre   Producer
Wilfrido Carmelo Martinez Mattos   Composer
Robin M. Santos   Director,Marketing
Pamela A. Aguilar   Producer

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