Leadership, Management, and Ethics In the Face of Public Policy and Social Dialogue: An Analysis and Review of ....

Leadership, Management, and Ethics In the Face of Public Policy and Social Dialogue: An Analysis and Review of ....

by Roger S. Blackburn

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"Leadership, Management, and Ethics in the Face of Public Policy and Social Dialogue: An Analysis and Review of Critical Essays," is a work of non-fiction category, and approximately 60,000 words of written material. The book is timely and a valuable asset to both public officials and NGOs, as well as the general public, as the contents is a discovery of past mistakes and errors that allows for more awareness of the environment.

Throughout man's history there has been conflict. It seems that the human race has been destined for turmoil. From war, to calamity of all shapes and sizes, man has been exposed to it all: hunger (mass starvation); civil wars on every continent and every region of the earth. The human race has seen little or no peace that values even being mentioned. If war does not kill man, then starvation is there to take wars place. If starvation only does part of its job, then some deadly epidemic will most certainly pick up where starvation left off. The human race has reached a crossroads, in which its only hope is survival. Finding a solution for that survival has been, and continues to be the great challenge for International Relations Specialist, as well as Scientist on a global scale. We can debate the problems, and set at the United Nations drinking coffee, and hope something changes. Often however, this is where the problems lay: a world of discussion, with no action to speak of, and no results worth even writing down on notebook paper. Perhaps the communication gap is in need of some type of mechanics. Maybe throwing a little grease on the rusty sections of non-communication would perhaps jump-start the process that our broken world is so badly in need of.

Leadership and Management seem to be at the root core of all of modern society's problems, or lack thereof. If they turn out well, we give our leaders the credit. If things turn out bad and go array, we blame our leaders for the failure. Obviously, leadership can make or break a society; and obviously, all life depends on leaders and the decisions that those leaders make. From our environment and Global Warming; to our economy and war in the Middle East --- our leaders holds the very survival of all species in their hands. Future wars and famine; overpopulation; world poverty; possibilities of World War III; all depend on those who hold the power, to erase all life from the earth --- our leaders. As a student of Military Management and Program Acquisition, with a Concentration in Leadership, I have tried to address these issues as I see them, while at the same time trying to refrain from bias, therefore addressing and concentrating on facts. Although our leaders are considered the intellectuals, we as a society still encounter problems that seem beyond control, and beyond fixing. Why this void in such an educated society? Why the lack of an answer to an issue with so many educated leaders at the helm? Here, and after four long years of studying this subject --- I have presented in the pages of this book: Essays, Reports, Examinations, and numerous hours of my personal analysis for review.

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Publisher: Roger S. Blackburn
Publication date: 05/16/2018
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About the Author

Roger Blackburn, is originally from the Great
State of Alabama. However, he has lived in several
different countries, and taught oral English in a
rural Latin American Community in the 1990s.
Roger Speaks, Reads, and Writes the Spanish
language. He attended the University of Alabama
at Walker and Calhoun Community College, also in
the 1990s (State of Alabama), and majored in Mass
Communications/Journalism. Studied English;
Spanish; U.S. History; General Education;
Horticulture; with extensive knowledge in the
following subjects: United States Constitutional
Law; Political Science; World History and
Foreign Cultures/Foreign Nations. Roger now resides in Latin America and spends most of his days writing and fighting for causes of Social Justice.

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