Learning from Law Firm Leaders

Learning from Law Firm Leaders

by Susan Manch, Michelle C. Nash

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Learning from Law Firm Leaders imparts what these legal professionals learned from their experiences; and allow you to expand your own thinking on the topic of leadership. The book aims to crystallize views on a number of relevant aspects of leadership that have not been discussed in great depth in the current literature on leadership. You'll find information on the perceived leadership deficit as the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement and how the next generation of leaders will be prepared to meet the challenges of changing markets and client demands.

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ISBN-13: 9781614387664
Publisher: American Bar Association
Publication date: 12/07/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 268
File size: 811 KB

About the Author

Susan G. Manch has more than thirty years of experience helping lawyers and others maximize career paths and practices. She resides in Washington, DC.

Michelle C. Nash has over two decades of concentrated experience in the area of legal professional development. She develops curriculum and presents seminars,programs, and workshops on a wide variety of professional development topics. She lives in Washington, DC.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Learning from Law Firm Leaders ix

For Law Firm Strategists x

For Aspiring, Current, or Succeeding Leaders xi

A Word of Gratitude xii

1 Followership: Looking at Leadership Through a Different Lens 1

What Scientists Say About Followership 2

Changing Demographics of the Lawyer and Firm Population 11

Summary for Firm Strategists 26

Summary for Leaders 27

2 Motivation to Lead 29

Mechanics of Motivation 30

Extrinsic Rewards 32

Intrinsic Rewards 35

Leadership as an Identity 37

Role of Firm Culture in Supporting a Motivation to Lead 40

Building Motivation to Lead 41

Summary for Firm Strategists 42

Summary for Leaders 43

3 Paths to Leadership 45

Personal Pathways 46

What We Can Learn from Leaders' Career Paths 54

Creating a Framework to Support Successful Leadership Paths 56

Summary for Firm Strategists 59

Summary for Leaders 61

4 The Core Competencies of Leadership 63

Core Competencies of Leadership 64

Background on Competencies 65

Law Firms and Competencies 68

Summary for Firm Strategists 73

Summary for Leaders 73

5 Knowledge and Skill Mastery and Openness to Learning 75

Legal Excellence As a Baseline 76

Beyond Legal Skills and Knowledge 78

Lawyer, Leader, or Both? 81

Openness to Learning: Maintaining a Growth Mind-Set 83

Resources and Programs Recommended by Our Leaders 85

Summary for Firm Strategists 87

Summary for Leaders 88

6 Effective Communication and Interpersonal Style 89

The Challenge 89

Keys to Effective Communication 91

Building Trust and Loyalty: Stories from the Front 93

Relationship Building 96

Liaising with the External Marketplace 98

Adopting a Productive Interpersonal Style 99

How Firms and Leaders Can Use Assessment Tools in Leadership Development 106

Summary for Firm Strategists 107

Summary for Leaders 107

7 Mentorship 109

The Impact of Mentoring on Leaders 110

Mentoring Next-Generation Leaders 114

Summary for Firm Strategists 115

Summary for Leaders 117

8 Vision 119

Crafting a Vision 121

Creating Space to Set Vision 122

From Critical Thought to Vision 124

Vision in the Formative Stages 127

Challenges in Executing Vision 129

Personal Stories of Vision 134

Summary for Firm Strategists 138

Summary for Leaders' 139

9 Leadership and Diversity 141

Why Does Diversity in Leadership Matter? 143

Diversifying the Leadership Pipeline 145

Leadership Challenges for Women and Minorities 152

The Upside of Leading As a Woman or Minority 155

Nurturing Leadership in Developing Women and

Minority Lawyers 156

Communicating a Strategic Vision for Diversity 158

Summary for Firm Strategists 160

Summary for Leaders 162

10 Succession Planning 165

A Trending Issue for Law Firms 167

Sustainability Through Succession 168

Succession Challenges 169

Planning for Smooth Transitions 170

Demanding a High-Performance Pipeline 170

Preparing the Pipeline for Succession 172

Succession Stories 175

Policies and Practices That Support Effective Succession 180

Summary for Firm Strategists 183

Summary for Leaders 184

11 A Model Leadership Development Program 187

Rationale for a Formal Leadership Development Program 187

Program Design, Structure, and Oversight 189

Sample Leadership Development Program Curriculum 194

Measurement of Program Effectiveness 199

Summary for Firm Strategists 200

Summary for Leaders 200

12 Advice for Next-Generation Leaders and Their Firms 201

The Changing Marketplace 201

Our Leaders Say it Best 202

Cultures That Support Leadership Development 208

Summary for Firm Strategists 211

Summary for Leaders 212

13 Concluding Thoughts 213

Core Competencies of Leadership Revisited 214

Addressing Ineffective Leadership 215

Next Steps for Firm Strategists and Firm Leaders 218

Where Do We Go from Here? 222

What We Can Learn from Geese 223

Professional Biographies of Leaders Interviewed 225

Bibliography of Leadership Resources 245

Authors 249

Index 253

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