Learning Success: Being Your Best at College, Media Edition (Non-InfoTrac Version)

Learning Success: Being Your Best at College, Media Edition (Non-InfoTrac Version)

by Carl M. Wahlstrom, Brian K. Williams

Paperback(3RD BK&CDR)



The authors have written the book not only for traditional on-campus students but also for the growing number of part-timers, parents, working students, commuters, and other nontraditional students. The book provides a practical philosophy based on action. The book's goal is to help students be the best in college by showing students how to master the academic and personal skills needed to succeed in higher education--how to manage their time, improve their reading and note-taking skills, handle finances, work toward their career goals, and so on. It is also shows students that the skills one needs for success in college are the same skills one needs for success in life. The Third Edition is enhanced by an interactive CD-ROM (packaged with every text) that reinforces and extends the texts content. In a unique fashion, this book describes the three keys to success in college and life: staying power, mindfulness, and technology literacy. Persistence, commitment, and discipline are necessary for achievement-in college and out. Becoming a mindful learner and thinker leads to greater success. Achieving information literacy means learning how to find, evaluate, and use information of all kinds.

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ISBN-13: 9780534573287
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 06/04/2001
Edition description: 3RD BK&CDR
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.48(w) x 10.40(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Carl W. Wahlstrom is Professor of Intermediate Studies and Sociology at Genesee Community College in Batavia, New York. He has been the recipient of the State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the National Freshman Advocate Award, and several other teaching honors. He is an active presenter and educational consultant at the national, state and local level. In addition, he is co-author, along with Brian Williams, of LEARNING SUCCESS: BEING YOUR BEST IN COLLEGE AND LIFE.

Brian K. Williams has worked in many areas of the publishing field and co-authored 18 books, many on the subject of using technology.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: ACADEMIC SUCCESS STRATEGIES 1. DEVELOPING STAYING POWER FOR LIFETIME SUCCESS: NOTHING TAKES PLACE OF PERSISTENCE. The Chief Characteristic of College & the Importance of Staying Power. Why Are You Here? Values & Your Reasons for College. What Is Your Fear? Anxiety as a Positive & Negative Motivator. How Could College Make a Difference in Your Life? The Strengths That Give You Staying Power. Setting College Goals from Life Goals. Applying This Chapter to Your Life. 2. BECOMING A MINDFUL LEARNER & THINKER. Active Learning & Critical & Creative Thinking. Mindfulness & Mindful Learning: Taking Active Control. Critical Thinking: What It Is, How to Use It. Creative Thinking. 3. MASTERING INFORMATION LITERACY: CAMPUS RESOURCES, COMMUNITY RESOURCES, COMPUTERS & COMMUNICATIONS: A LOOK AROUND CAMPUS. Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Help. Other Kinds of Assistance. Activities & Campus Life. Personal Computers. Computer Software. The Internet & the World Wide Web. 4. LEARNING STYLES & MEMORY: REMEMBERING FOR RESULTS. Different Kinds of Intelligence-Including Emotional Intelligence or "EQ". Four Types of Learning Styles: Which Fits You? Memory & Forgetting: The Importance of Managing Long-term Memory. How Lifestyle Affects Your memory: What Hinders, What Helps. How to Improve Your Memory Power: Concerted Memorization. How to Improve Your Memory Power: Mindful Learning. Dealing with Learning Disabilities. 5. TIME MANAGEMENT AS A LEARNED SKILLS: SETTING DAILY TASKS FROM LIFE GOALS. Getting Real About Studying. The Six-Step Program for Improving Your Time Management: Steps 1-3. Battling the Killer Time Wasters. The Really Big Time Wasters. Giving Yourself the Extra Edge: Developing Staying Power in Your Studying. 6. READING: TRAINING FOR RETAINING. Reading for Pleasure Versus Reading for Learning. The Five-Step SQ3R Reading System. The Three-Step #Rs Reading System. Dealing with Special Subjects: Math, Science, Languages, & Other. 7. MANAGING LECTURES: NOTE TAKING, CLASS DISCUSSION & INSTRUCTOR RELATIONS. Lectures, Learning Styles, & Life. Making Lectures Work: What They Didn''''t Tell You in High School. Optimizing the Classroom Game. Participating in Class Discussion & Overcoming Shyness. The 5R Steps: Record, Rewrite, Reflect, Review. Understanding the Instructor. Information Technology in the Classroom. 8. EXAMS: TAKINGS TESTS WITH CONFIDENCE & INTEGRITY. Taking Charge of Taking Tests. How to Cope with Test Anxiety in the Classroom. The Six-Step Examination Approach. Mastering Objective Questions. Mastering Written Examinations: Short & Long Essays. The Important Matter of Academic Integrity. 9. WRITING & SPEAKING: MAKING POWERFUL WRITTEN & ORAL PRESENTATIONS. What Do Instructors Look for in a Term Paper. Writing a Term Paper: Five Phases. Phase 1: Picking a Topic. Phase 2: Doing Initial Research & Developing an Outline. Phase 3: Doing Your Research-Using the Library. Phase 4: Sorting Your Notes, Revising the Outline, & Writing the First Draft. Phase 5: Revising, Finalizing, & Proofreading Your Paper. Term Papers, Web Research, & Cheating. Making an Oral Presentation. PART TWO: PERSONAL SUCCESS STRATEGIES. 10. HEALTH & WEALTH: MANAGING STRESS, WELLNESS & MONEY. Stress: Causes & Manifestations. Managing Stress. Alcohol: Are You Partial to Partying? Marijuana & Cocaine. Gambling & Spending. Looking Good: Weight & Energy Balance. Feeling Good: The Benefits of Being Active. Peak Performance with a Power Diet. Researching Time: Sleep & Rest. Money Management: Getting & Spending. Money Plans & Expense Record. A Crash Course in Money Handling. Financial Aid. 11. DIVERSITY & RELATIONSHIPS: SUCCEEDING WITH THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. Today''''s College Student Body: Traditional & Nontraditional. Race, Culture, & Stereotypes & Why Diversity Matters. The Multicultural "Salad Bowl": Diversity of Genders, Ages, Cultures, races, & So On. Commuter Students. Intimate Relationships: from Being a Friend to Being in Love. Conflict & Communication: Learning How to Disagree. Assertiveness: Better Than Aggressiveness or Nonassertiveness. Unwanted Sex: From Sexual Harassment to Rape. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: HIV & AIDS. Some Rules for Safer Sex. Choosing Among Birth-Control Methods. 12. MAJORS & CAREERS: DETERMINING YOUR FUTURE. Why Work. What Do You Want to Be After You Graduate? Tests to Help Establish Career Interests. The Job of Looking for a Job. Notes. Sources & Credits. Glossary. Index.

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