Legends of Old-Time Music: Fifty Years of County Records

Legends of Old-Time Music: Fifty Years of County Records


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Release Date: 11/06/2015
Label: Country Records
UPC: 0009001600127
catalogNumber: 6001


Disc 1

  1. June Apple
  2. Stilllhouse
  3. As Time Draws Near
  4. Susanna Gal
  5. Jimmy Sutton
  6. Fortune
  7. Home Sweet Home
  8. Cluck Old Hen
  9. Pretty Little Girl
  10. Charming Betsy
  11. Cripple Creek
  12. Way Down in My Soul
  13. Ducks on the Millpond
  14. Sweet Boy's Tune
  15. Cousin Sally Brown
  16. Step-Back Cindy
  17. Peacock Rag
  18. Hollyding
  19. Old Wandering Boy
  20. Alabama Gals
  21. Pretty Saro
  22. Sweet Sunny South
  23. Roustabout
  24. Dan Carter Waltz
  25. Buster Crouse's Tune
  26. Troubles & Trials
  27. Fortune
  28. June Apple

Disc 2

  1. Fortune
  2. John Brown's Dream
  3. Johnson Boys
  4. Little Satchel
  5. Sally Ann
  6. Ebenezer
  7. White Oak Mountain
  8. Jake Gillie
  9. Greasy String
  10. Shady Grove
  11. Elkhorn Ridge
  12. Sally Ann
  13. Wild Bill Jones
  14. Old Suzanna
  15. Greenback Dollar
  16. John Henry
  17. Cumberland Gap
  18. When Sorrows Encompass Me Around
  19. Kitty Kline
  20. Sail Away Ladies
  21. Red Rocking Chair
  22. Richmond
  23. Cumberland Gap
  24. Puncheon Floor
  25. Heaven's Light Is Shining
  26. Lee County Blues
  27. John Henry
  28. Sail Away Ladies

Disc 3

  1. Johnny Don't Get Drunk
  2. Big-Eyed Rabbit
  3. Old Jake Gillie
  4. Will You Miss Me
  5. Flying Clouds
  6. John Hardy
  7. The Old Ark's A-Moving
  8. Cleveland Is Elected
  9. Kitty & I
  10. Mitchell Blues
  11. Johnny's Gone to War
  12. Old True Love
  13. Train on the Island
  14. Lynchburg Town
  15. Free State Hornpipe
  16. Sourwood Mountain
  17. Anchored in Love
  18. Little Brown Jug
  19. 99 Years
  20. Mississippi Sawyer
  21. Sweet Story of Old
  22. Twin Sisters
  23. Fox Chase Reel
  24. Little Johnny's Gone to War
  25. Big Eyed Rabbit
  26. Arkansas Traveler
  27. Take a Moment & Live
  28. Too Young to Marry

Disc 4

  1. Sally Ann Johnson
  2. The Wearing of the Green
  3. Brushy Fork of John's Creek
  4. Jenny Hang the Kettle on
  5. Five Miles From Town
  6. Richmond
  7. Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
  8. Lost Gander
  9. Three Forks of Sandy
  10. Bed Bug Blues
  11. Cold Frosty Morning
  12. Chinquapin Hunting
  13. Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to Boston
  14. Old Mister Rabbit
  15. Old Jimmy Sutton
  16. Man of Constant Sorrow
  17. Snake Chapman's Tune
  18. Durang's Hornpipe
  19. Standing on the Promises
  20. Old Horse and Buggy-O
  21. Coral Creek March
  22. You Been Gone So Long
  23. Moon Behind the Hill
  24. Shout Lulu
  25. Brushy Fork of John's Creek
  26. Poca River Blues
  27. Skipping Through the Frost and Snow
  28. Devil's Dream
  29. Arkansas Traveler

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Clark Kessinger   Fiddle
Joe Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Wade Ward   Banjo,Fiddle
Gaither Carlton   Banjo,Vocals
Leak Caudle   Fiddle
Kyle Creed   Banjo
Benton Flippen   Fiddle
John Hermann   Banjo
Esker Hutchins   Banjo,Fiddle
Hoyle Jones   Mandolin
James Lindsey   Guitar
Dirk Powell   Guitar
Matokie Slaughter   Banjo
Art Stamper   Fiddle
Paul Sutphin   Guitar
Willard Watson   Banjo
Melvin Wine   Fiddle
Gilmer Woodruff   Banjo
Lily May Ledford   Banjo,Vocals
Rosie Ledford   Guitar
Tommy Jarrell   Banjo,Fiddle,Vocals
Jeanette Carter   Autoharp,Vocals
John Ashby   Fiddle
Fred Cockerham   Banjo,Fiddle,Vocals
Ronald Collins   Guitar
Ernest East   Fiddle
Steve Ledford   Fiddle,Vocals
Roscoe Russell   Dulcimer,Guitar,Baritone Ukulele
E.C. Ball   Guitar,Vocals
Orna Ball   Alto (Vocal)
Oscar Wright   Banjo
Bonnie Russell   Dulcimer
Thurman Pugh   Bass
Beverly Thompson   Fiddle
Roy Russell   Guitar
George Stoneman   Banjo
Eldridge Montgomery   Guitar,Vocals
Blair Reedy   Mandolin
Glen Smith   Banjo
Taylor Kimble   Fiddle
Doug Rorrer   Guitar
Kinney Rorrer   Banjo
Sidna Myers   Banjo
Oscar Jenkins   Banjo
Shag Stanley   Guitar
Wayne Hauser   Banjo
Gene Meade   Guitar
Richard Ashby   Guitar
Verlen Clifton   Mandolin
Dan Tate   Banjo
Mildred Thompson   Banjo
Dee Hicks   Banjo,Vocals
Clyde Troxell   Banjo,Vocals
Stella Kimble   Banjo
Fulton Myers   Fiddle
Earnest East   Fiddle
James Lindsay   Mandolin
Meredith McIntosh   Bass
Scotty East   Guitar,Vocals
Mack Snow   Guitar
Wayne Pruitt   Guitar
Jim Willie Pruitt   Fiddle
Ivery Kimble   Guitar
Willard Clower   Banjo
Freeman Slusher   Guitar
George Slusher   Harmonica
Ivan Weddle   Fiddle
Grey Craig   Fiddle
Larry Flippin   Guitar
Gary Reedy   Vocal Harmony
Otis Burris   Fiddle
Charlies Hawks   Banjo
Delta Hicks   Vocals
Jack Frazier   Bass
Ashby Kyle   Guitar
Ronnie Poe   Banjo
H.O. Jenkins   Fiddle
T.L. "Buck" Easley   Mandolin

Technical Credits

David Freeman   Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Annotation
John Hermann   Producer
Barry Poss   Producer,Engineer,Annotation
Bobby Fulcher   Producer,Engineer,Annotation
Toshio Watanabe   Engineer
Kinney Rorrer   Liner Notes
Christopher King   Producer
Charlie Faurot   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes,Annotation
Ken Davidson   Producer
David Lynch   Graphic Design
Rich Nevins   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes
Dave Freeman   Producer

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