Les Miserables: Complete Symphonic Recordings [Original London Cast]

Les Miserables: Complete Symphonic Recordings [Original London Cast]


Originally conceived as a simple recording production, Les Miserables evolved quickly into one of the premiere theatre events of the 1980s. Theatrically on par with Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz is drawn from the Victor Hugo novel of the same name. The story chronicles the life of Jean Valjean, a simple Frenchman who was arrested as a youth for stealing a loaf of bread. After serving five years for that crime, as well as an additional 14 for attempted escape, Valjean is released on parole. Upon changing his name and eluding his parole officer, Valjean becomes the surrogate father of a young girl and a mayor as the French Revolution sets in. As the war rages, he finds that he cannot change the man he is. Les Miserables is typical of theatre in the '80s, with extravagant effects and large, full cast numbers. The beautiful score is brimming with emotion and humor, including such memorable and noteworthy songs as "Look Down," "Do You Hear the People Sing?," "Bring Him Home," "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" and the ubiquitous "On My Own." The international studio cast includes members from the London, Broadway, and Tokyo productions and was recorded at three different locations. Often referred to as the "symphonic" recording, this is far more complete than other releases. Instead of just two discs containing the major numbers, this three-disc collection covers the entire show, and its 1999 remastered reissue features bonus video clips from productions around the world. For Les Miserables fanatics, this is a definite must.

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Release Date: 11/23/1999
Label: Relativity
UPC: 0088561188726
catalogNumber: 1887

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Laurie Lewis   Violin
Dave Mason   Trumpet
Gary Morris   Vocals
Peter Godwin   Trombone
Peter Boita   Drums
Nicholas Bucknail   Clarinet
Kay Cole   Vocals
Philippa Davies   Flute
David Ellis   Violin
Brent Forbes   Bass Guitar
Michael Hurwitz   Celli
Michael J. Lloyd   Viola
Simon Rayner   Horn
Andrew Smith   Timpani
Martin Smith   Vocals
William Stokes   Trumpet
John Wilbraham   Trumpet
Dominic Barlow   Synthesizer
Michael Ball   Vocals
Glen Martin   Alto Saxophone
Nuala Herbert   Harp
Tim Bowman   Vocals
Peter Blake   Horn
Anne Runolfsson   Vocals
Robert Farley   Trumpet
Andrew Wickens   Violin
Keith Bragg   Piccolo
Lee Stephenson   Clarinet
Martin Koch   Conductor
Ian Laws   Guitar
Jane Price   Violin
Gary Beach   Vocals
Stephen Breithaupt   Vocals
Ulrika Butt   Vocals
Ken Caswell   Vocals
Kenny d'Aquila   Vocals
Sidney Denbin   Celli
Gerald Drucker   Bass
Susie Fenwick   Vocals
John Gralak   Violin
Kevin Hathway   Percussion
Nicola Hurton   Violin
Robert Irvine   Celli
Glynn Kerslake   Vocals
Julian Milone   Violin
Brian Moyes   Violin
Avis Perthen   Celli
Colin Pettet   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Wendy Pollock   Vocals
Philip Quast   Vocals
Caroline Quentin   Vocals
Kaho Shimada   Vocals
Gay Soper   Vocals
Linda Speck   Violin
Kathleen Sturdy   Violin
Anthony Warlow   Vocals
Nicholas Whiting   Violin
Bruce Winant   Vocals
Gillian Bailey   Violin
Michael Cole   Bassoon
Timothy Colman   Violin
Graham Griffiths   Viola
James Handy   Horn
Simon Horsman   Violin
Margaret Lamb   Viola
Robert Leighton   Viola
Maurice Neal   Bass
Anne Parkin   Violin
Susan Salter   Viola
June Scott   Flute
Trevor Snoad   Viola
Mark Stephenson   Celli
Richard Watkins   Horn
Julia Watkins   Violin
Anne Barber   Celli
Karen Broughton   Vocals
Imogen East   Violin
Anders Fog-Nielsen   Violin
Jocelyn Gale   Celli
David K. Jones   Celli
Stephen Levine   Violin
Bryn Lewis   Harp
Bogdan Offenberg   Violin
Jackie Marks   Vocals
Jill Martin   Vocals
Aline Mowat   Vocals
Barry James   Vocals
David Thomas   Violin
Kenneth Smith   Flute
Susan Bbhling   Cor anglais
Jordan Bennett   Vocals
Nancio Brown   Viola
Ronald Bryans   Trombone
Debbie Byrne   Vocals
Mary-Louise Clark   Vocals
Ian Dring   Vocals
Marissa Dunlop   Vocals
Deidre Forrest   Vocals
Julian Forsyth   Vocals
Don Gallagher   Vocals
Peter Gantenbein   Vocals
Graham Gill   Vocals
Rich Herbert   Vocals
Reece Holland   Vocals
James Francis Johnson   Vocals
Beverly Klein   Vocals
Ross McCall   Vocals
Becky Norman   Vocals
Teresa Pople   Violin
Samantha Reagan   Violin
Jenna Russell   Vocals
Raymond Saar   Vocals
Tracy Shayne   Vocals
Paula Simpson   Vocals
William Solo   Vocals
Michael Turner   Viola
John Anderson   Oboe
Laura Hamilton   Vocals
Peter Thomas   Violin
Martin Jones   Violin

Technical Credits

Paul Badley   Contributor
David Caddick   Producer
John Cameron   Orchestration,Musical Supervision
Colin Campbell   Contributor
Michelle Fine   Contributor
Simon Grant   Contributor
Jane Robertson   Contributor
Olive Simpson   Contributor
Stephen Hill   Contributor
Jeremy Taylor   Contributor
David Alder   Contributor
Mary Carewe   Contributor
John Barr   Contributor
Keith Burns   Contributor
David Hunt   Engineer
Graham Bickley   Contributor
Tricia Deighton   Contributor
Michael Fitchew   Contributor
Paul Heggarty   Contributor
Gary Huddlestone   Contributor
Peter Polycarpou   Contributor
Gareth Snook   Contributor
Nick Holder   Contributor
Michael Dore   Contributor
Siân Reeves   Contributor
Myra Sands   Contributor
Jacqui Barron   Contributor
James Head   Contributor
Cameron Mackintosh   Producer
Trevor Nunn   Director
Jolyon Baker   Contributor
John Caird   Director
Rex Taylor Craig   Contributor
David Delve   Contributor
Leon Ferguson   Contributor
Sharon Halliday   Contributor
Mary Hammond   Contributor
Liza Haydon   Contributor
Grace Kinirons   Contributor
Tony Pedretti   Contributor
Holly Russell   Contributor
Mandy Travis   Contributor
Clive Walton   Contributor
Elizabeth Watts   Contributor
Jean Gilbert   Contributor

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