Live From Nowhere Near You, Vol. 2: Pacific Northwest

Live From Nowhere Near You, Vol. 2: Pacific Northwest


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Release Date: 07/19/2011
Label: Greyday Productions
UPC: 0751937410621
catalogNumber: 50
Rank: 51843

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Woody Guthrie   Vocals
John Doe   Vocals
Daniel Johnston   Vocals
Dan Reed   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Pete Droge   Background Vocals
Jay Bennett   Drums,Bells,Upright Bass
Tom Fabre   Baritone Saxophone
Jason Finn   Drums
Stone Gossard   Guitar,Vocals
Carlos Guitarlos   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Gavin Harrison   Drums
Jody Linscott   Percussion
Bill MacBeath   Bass
Jonathan Maron   Bass
Mike McCready   Guitar,Piano
Vince Meghrouni   Tenor Saxophone
John Moen   Drums
Anita Robinson   Electric Guitar
Shawn Smith   Organ,Vocals
Jim Talstra   Bass
Jeff Tweedy   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Wurlitzer
Eddie Vedder   Vocals
Mike Watt   Bass
Joe Berardi   Percussion
Chris Ballew   Synthesizer,Vocals
Elliott Smith   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Pete Miser   Turntables,Rhymes
Bosko   Vocals
Peter Hayes   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Stephan Jenkins   Drums
Imani Coppola   Violin
Steven Wilson   Vocals
Paul Cobb   Drums
Neil Gust   Guitar,Vocals
Seth Lorinczi   Upright Bass
Corin Tucker   Vocals
Chris Friel   Drums
Jeremiah Green   Drums
Ryan Adams   Guitar,Vocals
Britt Daniel   Acoustic Guitar,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals
Brett Hartenbach   Acoustic Guitar
Brad Hargreaves   Percussion
Thomas Lauderdale   Piano
Isaac Brock   Guitar,Vocals
Dann Gallucci   Guitar
Sarah Jane   Keyboards,Tambourine,Vocals
Peter Holmstrom   Guitar,Vocals
Cole Peterson   Bass
Mike Sweeney   Drums
Brandon Summers   Guitar,Vocals
Benjamin Weikel   Drums
Brent DeBoer   Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Fabrizio Moretti   Drums
Nikolai Fraiture   Bass
Albert Hammond   Guitar
Julian Casablancas   Vocals
Nick Valensi   Guitar
James Mercer   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Keith Schreiner   Synthesizer,Drums
Evan Railton   Drums
Conor Oberst   Electric Guitar,Vocals,Hand Clapping,Alarm Clock
Chris Funk   Pedal Steel Guitar
Brant Taylor   Cello
Nathan Trueb   Guitar,Vocals
Aaron Trueb   Keyboards,Tambourine,Background Vocals
Pete "The Hammer" Mazich   Hammond B3
Wally Hendrickson   Bass
Tobin Herrera   Cymbals,Drums,Vocals
Kevin Moyer   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Piano,scratching,Drums,Keyboards,Tambourine,Turntables,Background Vocals,Sampling,Loops,Beat Box,Soloist
Greg Snell   Guitar,Vocals
Rick Maymi   Guitar
Joe Purdy   Organ,Drums,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Mellotron,Upright Bass,Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Aimee Nash   Organ,Vocals
Scott VonRyper   Bass,Guitar,Drums
Courtney Taylor-Taylor   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Matt Moore   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Toy Accordian
Tristan Evans   Bass,Vocals
Brett Kron   Synthesizer,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Lindsay "Coco" Hames   Guitar,Vocals
Maria "Poni" Silver   Drums
Jeremy "Jem" Cohen   Bass
Danny Seim   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Logan Lynn   Vocals
Jordan White   Guitar,Drums,Keyboards
Nicholas Crosa   Violin
Mic Crenshaw   Vocals
Paul Immanuel Owens   Piano
Sand Snowman   Acoustic Guitar
Robert Been   Guitar,Vocals
Ryan Bernstein   Keyboards
Greg Montplaisir   Drums
Vini Miranda   Guitar
Pete Holmstrom   Guitar
Carlos Vamos   Drums,Electric Guitar,E-bow
Bob Graham Mild   Drums,Vocals
Leah Shapiro   Drums
Aja "Bruce Lee Chickinson" Kim   Background Vocals
Jsun Adams   Guitar,Vocals
Archi Read   Guitar
Christian Zammit   Guitar
Kevin Robinson   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Joshua Homme   Drums
Dand Lee Strickland   Vocals
Dan Wienstien   Trombone
Chris Denham   Drums
Brian Winkle   Bass,Keyboards
Arion Salazaar   Bass,Guitar
Anonymous Homeless Man   Vocals
Adrian McEldery   Stick
Walker Beckman   Drums,Background Vocals
Tyler Coyle   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Streetkid Skunke   Cardboard Box
Street Freddie   Vocals
Russell Ayres   Drums,Tambourine
Rich Milock   Guitar,Vocals
Phillip "Skeeter" Dieter   Guitar
Patrick Kempfer   Bongos
Neal Clark   Guitar
Nathan   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Synthesizer Bass,Arp Odyssey,Hammond B3
Mirabai Carter-Trueb   Bass
Marc Cappelle   Mellotron
Lucky Noir   Accordion
Lindsay Buckland   Drums,Loops
Kachina Dechert   Percussion
Joey Morales   Drums
Joe Whaley   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Harmonica,Percussion,Drums,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Jerry Carnathan   Bass,Electric Guitar
Jeremy "Jem" Silver   Drums
Holly Seim   Background Vocals
Greg Oden   Vocals,Talking,Laughs
Goldxilla   Bass
Freddie Thomas   Vocals
David Maverick   Guitar,Vocals
David Black   Rhythm Guitar
Matt Brown   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
David Brown   Stick
Chris Frazier   Horn

Technical Credits

Manuel de Falla   Composer
Woody Guthrie   Composer
Marvin Gaye   Composer
Daniel Johnston   Composer
Dan Reed   Composer
Stone Gossard   Composer
Carlos Guitarlos   Composer
Shawn Smith   drum machine
Jeff Tweedy   Composer
Presidents of the United States of America   Composer
Modest Mouse   Composer
Elliott Smith   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Pete Miser   beats,Instrumentation
Steven Wilson   Composer,Instrumentation
Neil Gust   Composer
Ryan Adams   Composer
Britt Daniel   Reverb
Garrick Duckler   Composer
Peter Holmstrom   Composer
Brandon Summers   Composer
Brent DeBoer   Composer
James Mercer   Composer
Keith Schreiner   Composer
Conor Oberst   Composer
Nathan Trueb   Composer
Tobin Herrera   Composer
Kevin Moyer   Composer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Concept,Re-arranged
Greg Snell   Composer
Paul Weikel   Composer
Joe Purdy   Composer
Winkle   Composer
Scott VonRyper   Composer
Courtney Taylor-Taylor   Composer   Composer,Instrumentation,Hook
Upside Down   Composer
Danny Seim   Composer
Logan Lynn   Composer
Jordan White   Composer
Mic Crenshaw   Composer
Paul Immanuel Owens   Composer
Faux Hoax   Composer
B. Kante   Composer
Carlos Cortes   Programming
P. Hayes   Composer
Jsun Adams   Composer
Dand Lee Strickland   Composer
Tyler Coyle   Composer
Rich Milock   Composer
Phillip "Skeeter" Dieter   Composer
Pete Ho   Composer
Paul Lingas   Composer
Patrick Kempfer   Composer
Nathan   Composer
Lindsay Buckland   Composer
Joe Whaley   Composer
Evan Stroum   Composer
DJ Sirround   beats

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