Live in London

Live in London

by Regina Spektor

CD(Bonus DVD)

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Since Regina Spektor got her start by performing wherever and whenever she could, it's no surprise that her live show is still one of the most compelling parts of her artistry. She's come a long, long way from scrounging for gigs in basements and comedy clubs -- all the way to London's Hammersmith Apollo theater, where she recorded the CD/DVD set Live in London. With its immaculate but not oppressive sound quality, the collection gives listeners the best seat in the house as Spektor performs favorites from Soviet Kitsch, Begin to Hope, and Far. Her charisma shines especially brightly on "Eet," where her masterful vocal leaps carry the song, and on "Blue Lips," where a string quartet adds weight to the song's musings. The well-balanced set list works even better on Live in London's DVD portion, where viewers can see how ably Spektor interacts with her band and the audience on "Apres Moi," "Dance Anthems of the '80s," and "Us." Die-hard fans will be particularly thrilled that the hard to find songs "Silly Eye-Color Generalizations" and "Love, You're a Whore" are here, but anyone fond of Spektor's insightful whimsy will be pleased with this document of the woman in her element.

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Release Date: 11/22/2010
Label: Sire / London/Rhino
UPC: 0093624963097
catalogNumber: 525512


Disc 1

  1. On the Radio
  2. EET
  3. Folding Chair
  4. Sailor Song
  5. Blue Lips
  6. Après Moi
  7. Dance Anthem of the 80's
  8. Silly Eye-Color Generalizations
  9. Bobbing for Apples
  10. Wallet
  11. Ode to Divorce
  12. That Time
  13. The Calculation
  14. Machine
  15. Laughing With
  16. Man of a Thousand Faces
  17. Hotel Song
  18. Us
  19. Fidelity
  20. Samson
  21. The Call
  22. Love, You're a Whore

Disc 2

  1. Introduction
  2. On the Radio
  3. EET
  4. Laughing With
  5. Folding Chair
  6. Après Moi
  7. Blue Lips
  8. Machine
  9. Dance Anthem of the 80's
  10. Silly Eye-Colored Generalizations
  11. Wallet
  12. The Calculation
  13. Man of a Thousand Faces
  14. That Time
  15. Hotel Song
  16. Sailor Song
  17. Us
  18. Fidelity
  19. Samson
  20. Credits
  21. Bobbing for Apples
  22. Ode to Divorce
  23. The Call
  24. Love, You're a Whore
  25. Soundcheck
  26. To Daniel Cho

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