Live in New York

Live in New York

by Rev. Timothy Wright


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Release Date: 09/02/2003
Label: Atlanta Int'l
UPC: 0089921028324
catalogNumber: 10283

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rev. Timothy Wright   Primary Artist,Leader,Vocals
Rodney Dillard   Tenor (Vocal)
Rev. James Moore   Tenor (Vocal)
Mel Brown   Guitar
Robert Ross   Vocals
Clay Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Gene Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert Stephens   Keyboards
Devon Black   Tenor (Vocal)
Kirvy Brown   Leader
Eric Figueroa   Tenor (Vocal)
David Frazier   Piano
Charles Green   Tenor (Vocal)
Roger Hambrick   Tenor (Vocal)
Michelle Harris   Alto (Vocal)
Karen Jackson   Tenor (Vocal)
Kimberley Jackson   Tenor (Vocal)
Debbie Jamison   Alto (Vocal)
Cora Jefferson   Tenor (Vocal)
Douglas Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
Yolanda Jones   Soprano (Vocal)
Carl Leach   Tenor (Vocal)
Patricia Lee   Alto (Vocal)
Shedrick Mitchell   Piano
Lorraine Moore   Alto (Vocal)
Eric Parker   Tenor (Vocal)
Walter Robinson   Tenor (Vocal)
Pastor Hezekiah Walker   Leader
Anthony Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Earl Williams   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Cheryl Wilson   Soprano (Vocal)
Michael Wooten   Tenor (Vocal)
Dottie Peoples   Leader
Nicole Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Marcus Mitchell   Tenor (Vocal)
Lorenzo Wright   Soprano (Vocal)
Bill Berry   Tenor (Vocal)
Gary Montoute   Tenor (Vocal)
Keith Wonderboy Johnson   Leader
Anthony Rolfe Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
David Bratton   Piano
Bettina Pennon   Leader
Doris Felder   Leader,Alto (Vocal)
Carl Robinson   Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel Williams   Alto (Vocal)
Jessica Wilson   Soprano (Vocal)
Darren Lee   Tenor (Vocal)
Anishia Massey   Soprano (Vocal)
Maria Smith   Soprano (Vocal)
Maurette Brown Clark   Leader
Natalie Wilson   Alto (Vocal)
Melvin Crispell   Organ
Jeffrey "Twinz" White   Bass
Mike Phillips   Saxophone
Joseph Howell   Tenor (Vocal)
Jason Holley   Percussion
Tunesha Crispell   Leader
Yusef A. Gibbs   Tenor (Vocal)
Sheila Thompson   Alto (Vocal)
David Caton   Tenor (Vocal)
Valerie Boyd   Leader
Danny Eason   Leader,Tenor (Vocal)
John Thompson   Tenor (Vocal)
Jerry Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Andrew Shirley   Tenor (Vocal)
Derrick Wright   Drums
Ivor Mitchell   Soprano (Vocal)
Mark Holland   Alto (Vocal)
Devon Williams   Alto (Vocal)
Dwayne Wright   Bass
Robert Ross   Tenor (Vocal)
Warren Banks   Soprano (Vocal)
Ronnie Felder   Tenor (Vocal)
Keyana Cunningham   Alto (Vocal)
Robert Brown   Alto (Vocal)
James D. Hall   Leader,Tenor (Vocal)
David Wright   Organ
Jason Paul Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
Meron Adom   Alto (Vocal)
Barbara Alexis   Soprano (Vocal)
Michelle Ambroise   Alto (Vocal)
Adrian Atako   Tenor (Vocal)
Calvin Bacchus   Tenor (Vocal)
Rachelle Wrighton   Soprano (Vocal)
Nashawn Wright   Tenor (Vocal)
Geneatha Wright   Soprano (Vocal)
Michael Wittfield   Tenor (Vocal)
Vincent Wilson   Tenor (Vocal)
Deschaun Banks   Soprano (Vocal)
DeAndre Banks   Tenor (Vocal)
Ra Quelle Banks   Soprano (Vocal)
Rhoan Bartley   Tenor (Vocal)
Annell Barton   Tenor (Vocal)
Nakisha Bell   Alto (Vocal)
Evans Bellavoix   Tenor (Vocal)
Joe Belton   Tenor (Vocal)
Eudine Benjamin   Alto (Vocal)
Margaret Benjamin   Alto (Vocal)
Vaunrunce Benjamin   Tenor (Vocal)
Beverly Betts   Soprano (Vocal)
Elaine Betts   Tenor (Vocal)
Valerie Betts   Alto (Vocal)
Lewis Bowman   Tenor (Vocal)
Wanda Branch   Alto (Vocal)
Briana Bratton   Soprano (Vocal)
Valena Bratton   Soprano (Vocal)
Jhamar Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
Nakia Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Dezman Buchanan   Tenor (Vocal)
Julie Bucy   Leader,Soprano (Vocal)
Yvonne Burrowa   Soprano (Vocal)
Daniel Calderon   Tenor (Vocal)
Alesha Caldwell   Alto (Vocal)
Deborah Calhoun Montoute   Soprano (Vocal)
Ruth Caraballo   Alto (Vocal)
Jynea Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Divine Williams   Alto (Vocal)
Leah Willams   Alto (Vocal)
Yolanda Whitfield   Soprano (Vocal)
Kemba Whitehead   Soprano (Vocal)
Nefertari White   Alto (Vocal)
LeShawn White   Alto (Vocal)
Violette Watts   Alto (Vocal)
Sheila Watts   Soprano (Vocal)
Elder Charles Watts   Tenor (Vocal)
Min. Celeste Washington   Alto (Vocal)
Bernadette Wallace   Alto (Vocal)
Saundra Cepeda   Soprano (Vocal)
Pierre Cesar   Tenor (Vocal)
Shaquasha Chambers   Soprano (Vocal)
Rosanna Cherry   Alto (Vocal)
Ruth Cherub   Alto (Vocal)
Clarence Cleaves   Tenor (Vocal)
Bernard Cody   Tenor (Vocal)
Satonya Cody   Alto (Vocal)
Jo Ann Coleman   Soprano (Vocal)
Vashone Coleman   Alto (Vocal)
Jeffrey Commodore   Tenor (Vocal)
Ida Cooper   Alto (Vocal)
Asaah Coston   Tenor (Vocal)
Cito Crandle   Piano
Phillip Culver   Tenor (Vocal)
Justine Cunningham   Soprano (Vocal)
Diatiema Daniels   Soprano (Vocal)
Becky Davila   Alto (Vocal)
Victoria Dempsey   Alto (Vocal)
Tashai Devoe   Alto (Vocal)
Deborah Dunham   Alto (Vocal)
Barbara Dupree   Alto (Vocal)
Lynda Dupree   Soprano (Vocal)
Yvonne Dupree   Soprano (Vocal)
Felicia Easterling   Alto (Vocal)
Elder Washington   Tenor (Vocal)
Samantha Elliot   Soprano (Vocal)
Jacquetto Fayton   Alto (Vocal)
Frances Felder Murphy   Alto (Vocal)
Justice Fells   Tenor (Vocal)
Anaysha Figueroa   Leader,Soprano (Vocal)
Doreen Figueroa   Leader,Soprano (Vocal)
Sybil Finney   Leader,Alto (Vocal)
Nancy Gadson   Alto (Vocal)
Cyreeta Gajadhar   Soprano (Vocal)
Hope Gamble   Alto (Vocal)
Kirtorria Gibbs   Alto (Vocal)
Patricia Gibbs   Soprano (Vocal)
Sybel Gill   Soprano (Vocal)
Anytra Godard   Alto (Vocal)
Justine Goode   Tenor (Vocal)
Taneka Grace   Tenor (Vocal)
Rhamel Graham   Tenor (Vocal)
Min. Clyde Grant   Tenor (Vocal)
Twana Grant   Alto (Vocal)
Griffin Specials   Leader
Demetrius Griffin   Leader,Tenor (Vocal)
Ajanee Hambrick   Soprano (Vocal)
Vanessa Hambrick   Alto (Vocal)
Shelia Harriott   Alto (Vocal)
Lekisha Harris   Alto (Vocal)
Nakia Harrison   Soprano (Vocal)
Jacinda Townsley   Alto (Vocal)
Ronald Tolliver   Tenor (Vocal)
Angela Thompson   Soprano (Vocal)
Twanna Thomas   Soprano (Vocal)
Joseph Thomas   Tenor (Vocal)
Marian Sylvester   Alto (Vocal)
Twanna Hawkins   Soprano (Vocal)
Jermaine Henderson   Tenor (Vocal)
Althea Herbert   Alto (Vocal)
Doctor Carolyn Hester White   Tenor (Vocal)
Clyde Hester   Alto (Vocal)
Eddie Heyward   Drums
Denise Hicks   Alto (Vocal)
Rodney Hillocks   Tenor (Vocal)
Peter Holoman   Tenor (Vocal)
Sidrah Stephens   Alto (Vocal)
Alyse Howard   Soprano (Vocal)
Joseph Hugee   Tenor (Vocal)
Rachel St.Vil   Alto (Vocal)
Letitia Ingram   Alto (Vocal)
Evan Iron   Tenor (Vocal)
Clarence Jackson   Tenor (Vocal)
Terina Jackson   Alto (Vocal)
Timothy Jackson   Tenor (Vocal)
Nathaniel Jamison   Tenor (Vocal)
Gretchen Jefferson   Alto (Vocal)
Tamara Jeshe   Alto (Vocal)
Jeffrey Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Jennifer Jones Peterkin   Alto (Vocal)
Earl Jones   Leader,Tenor (Vocal)
Panthea Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Falicia Joseph   Alto (Vocal)
Lenn Skeeete   Tenor (Vocal)
Theodore Simpson   Tenor (Vocal)
Jerry Simpson   Tenor (Vocal)
Cicily Simpson   Alto (Vocal)
Georgiana Simeina   Alto (Vocal)
Dwight Sibblies   Tenor (Vocal)
Jason Shorts   Tenor (Vocal)
Lionel Sherwood   Tenor (Vocal)
Justina Serlin   Soprano (Vocal)
Beverly Segers   Tenor (Vocal)
Travis Sayles   Organ,Piano
Verania Kenton   Alto (Vocal)
Monique Kitchings   Tenor (Vocal)
Fred Kornrgay   Tenor (Vocal)
Jamila Lashley   Soprano (Vocal)
Sylvia Ruth   Alto (Vocal)
Catherine Royall   Alto (Vocal)
Akin Royall   Tenor (Vocal)
Khiesha Robinson   Alto (Vocal)
Ebony Roberts   Alto (Vocal)
Juanzel Rennick   Tenor (Vocal)
Joyce Reese Parker   Alto (Vocal)
Sylenya Price   Soprano (Vocal)
Sonja Price   Tenor (Vocal)
Melanie Price   Soprano (Vocal)
Lurien Pledger   Tenor (Vocal)
Allesha Plaskett   Soprano (Vocal)
Shawn Pickering   Tenor (Vocal)
George Phillpotts   Tenor (Vocal)
Taleema Parson   Soprano (Vocal)
Patricia Parrish   Alto (Vocal)
Jermaine Parrish   Drums
Freda Parker   Soprano (Vocal)
Natalie Oatman   Soprano (Vocal)
Vivian Oatman Ballard   Piano
Robert Neville   Tenor (Vocal)
Darnell Neville   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin Len   Tenor (Vocal)
Debra Leslie   Alto (Vocal)
Tamara Leslie   Alto (Vocal)
Mozelle Lewis   Tenor (Vocal)
Angela Moses   Alto (Vocal)
Jasmine Morris   Soprano (Vocal)
Niyoka Morgan   Alto (Vocal)
Nicole Morgan   Alto (Vocal)
Maurlina Monsac   Soprano (Vocal)
Lora Monsac   Soprano (Vocal)
Edwin Mondesir   Tenor (Vocal)
Monique Mingo   Alto (Vocal)
Jordan Meredith   Tenor (Vocal)
Yolando McLeod   Alto (Vocal)
Stephanie McKinney   Alto (Vocal)
Shauntey McFarlane   Soprano (Vocal)
Trina McCain   Alto (Vocal)
Jennifer Mason   Soprano (Vocal)
Chanel Marson   Soprano (Vocal)
Williams Mareus   Tenor (Vocal)
Magda Marc   Alto (Vocal)
Ariel Malloy   Soprano (Vocal)
William Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
David James   Tenor (Vocal)
Jennifer Adams   Soprano (Vocal)
Robin Daniels   Alto (Vocal)
Danielle Reed   Soprano (Vocal)
Timiney Figueroa-Caton   Leader
Johnny "Natural" Najara   Guitar
Daniel Walker   Alto (Vocal)
Michael Wooten   Vocals
Ronnie Felder   Vocals
Doris Felder   Vocals
Darlene Lee   Vocals
Carl White   Percussion
Jeffrey Smith   Vocals
Wanda Banks   Vocals
Jennifer Adams   Vocals

Technical Credits

Steven Remote   Engineer
Rev. Timothy Wright   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Alan Freeman   Executive Producer
David Bratton   Composer
Roddy Stephens   Live Recording Coordination
Joeworn Martin   Composer
Melvin Crispell   Composer
Andrew McCory   Art Direction
Gregory O. Larkin   Live Recording Coordination

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Live in New York 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This recording is truly aewsome. This CD is definitly a must have in your music library. I can't stop listening to For the rest of my life!!!!!!!!God be Praised!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd i a very good cd. I love the way he has all of these diffenrent artists on the album. My favorite song is number 14 and number 1 and 3
Guest More than 1 year ago
After a lackluter album "I Hear Music" on Savoy, The GodFather of Gospel Music is back. Back with a new look, New Label and banging new music. Back to making hit songs that every church choir can sang. This album is difinitely one of his best and will go down in history as the album that brought the Godfather back.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was a "Must Have" added to my musical library! Everyone should purchase this CD.