Live in Paris 05 [CD/DVD]

Live in Paris 05 [CD/DVD]

by Laura Pausini


Commercially, 2005 was a great year for the multilingual Laura Pausini, who got a lot of mileage out of her 2004 releases Resta in Ascolto and Escucha (which were essentially two versions of the same album -- one in Italian, and one in Spanish). The dreamy ballad "Vivimi" (from Resta in Ascolto) was a major hit in Europe, and the song's Spanish-language version "Viveme" (from Escucha) was used as the theme song for the Mexican Televisa network's popular telenovela La Madrastra (although, for licensing reasons, Televisa was unable to use "Viveme" in its DVD release of La Madrastra -- much to the disappointment of Pausini's Spanish-speaking fans). Pausini did a considerable amount of international touring in 2005, and this 77-minute CD documents a March 22-23, 2005 appearance at Le Zenith in Paris. Pausini performs in three different languages on Live in Paris 05: Italian, Spanish and English, and she is expressive in all three. Italian, however, dominates the Paris gig, but whatever the language, Pausini maintains her adult contemporary/Top 40 outlook -- an outlook that serves her pleasingly well whether she is performing in Italian on "Vivimi," "Le Cose Che Vivi" and "Strani Amori," in Spanish on "Escucha Atento," or in English on the '80s-tinged "Surrender." One of the album's most pleasant surprises is the only track that wasn't recorded in Paris: an acoustic version of "Viveme," which was recorded backstage during a rehearsal at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles in April 2005. The material on Live in Paris 05 isn't terribly challenging, but then, there is no law stating that music has to be ultra-challenging to be worthwhile. When it comes to warmth, feeling and charisma, Pausini is clearly in the upper echelon of adult contemporary and Top 40 -- and longtime fans will not be disappointed by Live in Paris 05

Product Details

Release Date: 02/28/2006
Label: Warner Music Latina
UPC: 0825646286324
catalogNumber: 62863


Disc 1

  1. Gente
  2. Un' Emergenza d'Amore
  3. Vivimi
  4. La Solitudine
  5. Se Fué
  6. Strani Amori
  7. Escucha Atento
  8. La Prospettiva di Me
  9. Medley: Caundo Se Ama (Sei Que Me Amavas)/Mi Rubi l'Anima/Un Amico ...
  10. Tra Te E il Mare
  11. In Assenza di Te
  12. Incancellabile
  13. Surrender
  14. E Ritorno Da Te
  15. Le Cose Che Vivi
  16. Víveme

Disc 2

  1. Gente
  2. Un' Emergenza d'Amore
  3. Vivimi
  4. Mi Abbandono a Te
  5. La Solitudine
  6. Benedetta Passione/Ogni Volta
  7. Non C'È
  8. Medley: Strani Amori/Lettera/Il Mondo Che Vorrei/Il Tuo Nome in ...
  9. Resta in Ascolto
  10. La Prospettiva di Me
  11. Come Se Non Fosse Stato Mai Amore
  12. Tra Te E il Mare
  13. In Assenza di Te
  14. Incancellabile
  15. Surrender
  16. E Ritorno Da Te
  17. Le Cose Che Vivi
  18. Bonus Material

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Laura Pausini   Primary Artist
Andreina Lovatelli   Leader

Technical Credits

Freddy Cavalli   Composer
Madonna   Composer
Dave Deviller   Composer
Alfredo Golino   Arranger
Sean Hosein   Composer
Laura Pausini   Composer,Producer
Cesare Chiodo   Arranger
Massimo Pacciani   Composer
Angelo Valsiglio   Composer
Biagio Antonacci   Composer
Eric Buffat   Composer
J. Badia   Composer
Maurizio Maggi   Engineer
Bruno Zuchetti   Arranger
D. Baldoni   Composer
Antonio Galbiati   Composer
Anthony Anderson   Composer
Sergio Pappalettera   Artwork
Steven Smith   Composer
Cristian Biondani   Director
Stevan Martinovich   Engineer
Cheope   Composer
Gabrielle Parisi   Executive Producer,Concept,Management
Franco Andrini   Camera Operator
M. Antoniucci   Video Engineer
Ivano Baltieri   Camera Operator
Barilla   Collaboration
Diego Bevilacqua   Authoring
Adriano Brocca   Engineer
Fancesco Castiello   Video Engineer
M. Ciulo   Video Engineer
Fabrizio DeAmicis   Engineer
Francesco DeCave   Concept
Stefania DeSisti   Camera Operator
Fabrizio Fornasiero   Camera Operator
Max Della Godenza   Camera Operator
Marco Marchitelli   Engineer
Claudio Melloni   Camera Operator
Marco Monforte   Engineer
Gaetano Morbioli   Filmmaker
William Moretti   Camera Operator
Marco Musso   Concept
Fabio Oliva   Backline Technician
Antonio Paoluzi   Engineer
Matteo Passigato   Camera Operator
Paolo Persini   Video Engineer
Mauro Pittarello   Graphic Design
Stefano Rabaiotti   Backline Technician
Vincenzo Siepi   Promoter
Paride Signoretti   Video Engineer

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