Living Standards, Poverty and Inequality in the UK: 2013

Living Standards, Poverty and Inequality in the UK: 2013




The official statistics on the distribution of income and the extent of poverty in the UK in 2011-12 were released on Thursday 13 June 2013.

Using the data underlying these statistics, this report analyses:

- the changes in average incomes in the most recent year of data and the period since the start of the 'Great Recession';

- how the gap between rich and poor has changed and how this differs when looking at pre-tax-and-benefit income rather than net income;

- the recent changes in both relative and absolute income poverty for the whole population and among different parts of the population;

- the striking long-term changes in incomes and poverty rates for different parts of the population and different age groups;

- the prospects for average incomes, inequality and poverty in the years ahead.

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